Ink Blogging : Handwriting Posts on Your Blog

I happened to track a new way to write on the web. It is called Ink Blogging. It is a beautiful way of writing in which the usual text is replaced by images with a fine handwriting.

You can check ou the Guide to Ink Blogging which should give you an overview of how to blog with ink. The basic idea is that all entries are handwritten on a Tablet PC and posted as ink images and text. Basic hardware requirement is a Tablet PC, though other options are available too. The basic software requirement is an Inking software like Windows Journal that lets you write and draw digital ink direct to your computer, an image editing software like Gimp or Paint, and a blogging software like Blogger or WordPress.

Ink blogging is more popular than I thought. Many blogs routinely blog using ink like Sumocat’s Scribbles and Late to the Party. Hung Sung has a video podcast detailing a 16 minute video tutorial on how to make an ink blog.

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But there is only one problem with inc blogging. Search bots. If You want to use context ads You can’t inc.


“But there is only one problem with inc blogging. Search bots. If You want to use context ads You canít inc.” –unless you think ahead, like me…


Ah but that’s why we include the text version of our ink posts below the image of the ink! Some of us just leave the text there, others like myself choose to use a show/hide spoiler plugin that gives readers the option to show the text if they like.

A new forum for ink blogging has just been put up you are welcome to learn more about ink blogging there!


Is there some way that we can get a registery going of all the ink blogs? I am addicted to ink blogs and want to see more of them.

I have an Ink Blog. Who else has one. I am familiar with Sumocat. Love his work.

I am familiar with Tablet Writer. Another of my faves!

Who else?

handwriting therapy
handwriting therapy

Through your article I know about ink blogging.This is new way of writing in tablet pc.