Free Disposable Email Expires in 10 Minutes provides you a temporary email address for 10 minutes only. Any e-mails sent to that address will show up automatically on the web page. You can read them, click on links, and even reply to them till the email address expires after 10 minutes.

A good use would be when you require a validation email to confirm your email address but you do not wish to give away your original email address, and avoid email spam that can result from sharing your original email ID with third party advertisers. Disposable emails are becoming more and more popular for these purposes as users want to have clean email inboxes which are spam free.

You get an autogenerated email address like

which you can use for ten minutes. If you are stuck with a slow internet connection, or need more time, you can click to ask for 10 more minutes and extend it till you require it…


  1. Tdinoz says:

    This wil sure help those that hide behind the sofa

  2. Gaya says:

    I think this won’t long last. It is very easy to create a script to check weather the email address is from 10 Minute Mail and very soon sign-up services will adapt it.

  3. Emily Scanlan says:

    I have been using for 4 months now and loving it. I am receiving ZERO new spam emails. When I have received them, I turned them off in seconds.

    Its free, easy to use and super flexible.


  4. Jennifer says: is the best in my opinion . it is free, reliable and multilingual service.

    I have been using mailnator and other leading services for a while. They have downtimes, and unlike yopmail delete the mails in few hours. But yopmail keeps the messages for 5 days.

    YOPmail stands out is being the most neat, quick, and user-friendly disaposable service around. Have used it for sometime now , it has never disappointed me. There si no registration required, and it can be used on the fly.

    It has some pretty creative options like widgets, and RSS feeds. furthermore, it is possible to switch between html and text view and to display all email headers.

    Also, one can choose his own username while composing a mail. There are a few domain names a user can choose from. Email aliases, and random email generator is also available.

    Serves all my purpose conveniently ;)

  5. d says:

    Check out
    Same sort of service with added RSS functionality.

  6. StRiKeR says: is the best. I love to use it.

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