InstantUpgrade Plugin for Automatic WordPress Upgrade

WordPress plugins are being release more frequently than ever, and if repeated wordpress upgrades is a problem for you, the InstantUpgrade wordpress plugin can automate the upgrade for you.

Previously we had pointed to using Shell access to upgrade multiple wordpress blogs quickly. But if you have no idea about using Shell, then InstantUpgrade wordpress plugin might be the solution for you. The InstantUpgrade plugin downloads the latest WordPress version from the WordPress server and installs it at your server.

Of course you will need to make lots of files writable by the webserver. You may need to apply chmod 777 to the named directories and files. There are detailed instructions for installation and troubleshooting. The version is 0.1 and I am sure there will be many improvements to make things more simpler in future.

Please note I have no personal experience in using this plugin and try at your own risk. If in doubt, upgrade the usual recommended way. If you are new to WordPress, experts can install it for you for free!

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