April Fools Day: Top Bloggers Bluff Readers

Today is April 1st and its April Fools Day. Top bloggers are at it again creating false news and events to bluff their readers, surprise them and celebrate April fools day!

John Chow did his last post and posted that all future posts on John Chow dot Com will be done by Michael Kwan and Mitchell Harper. He is going on a permanent vacation after selling his company, TTZ Media Inc., to a Toronto based Internet Venture Company for a huge undisclosed sale price and the interest on the money alone would put him in the top 1% income bracket.

The ShoeMoney Station was officially shut down. If you hit refresh you never saw the April fools day page. He tweaked the index.php such that if you are requesting any file other then the root domain of shoemoney.com it does normal wordpress stuff. It checks to make sure you have not seen the april fools day site before and shows it to you.

TechCrunch acquired F*kedCompany.com, a website that features breaking stories on dot com company failures. Following the completion of the transaction, the unique monthly visitors to the combined sites will be roughly double what TechCrunch.com achieves currently. Readers commented it was another April fools hoax!

Technorati changed their name and logo. If you visit Technorati right now you see their logo is called Chatnoritre or ChinaoTter and is still changing everytime I reload.

Technorati April Fools Technorati April Fools

Another top news is that Matt Cutts blogs was hacked (He is the famous Google Engineer that keeps the Google index clean). The Dark SEO Team have pulled a prank on him today and Matt’s blog is down and archives wiped out as well. And Matt comments on Twitter too. Readers are hoping it is an April Fools joke (No one believes you on April 1st!)

How are you tricking your readers this April Fools day!


  1. Thilak says:

    I guess Matt really got his blog hacked :D

  2. sushiman says:

    You missed this one: Google soon to charge for ‘Pro’ Version of New Blogger

  3. Dennis Iara says:

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