Femina Crowdsources Full Magazine Issue by its Readers

The first crowdcourced Femina magazine was put together by readers and hit stands recently. It promises readers a new perspective as the  entire issue has been written by Indian women readers across the country. Femina has leveraged the power of social media to encourage writers and bloggers to contribute to the issue. The issue titled ‘Made By You’ called for the opinion power of millions of Indian women connected via social media sites like Facebook.

Femina Made By You Magazine

Facebook India ran this huge campaign on Facebook with the message – If you have got a story, we have got the space.

Femina CrowdSourced Issue

As hundreds of stories came in and editors got busy communicating with them, they posted some Google hangout videos to show how the magazine was compiled.

And now the first fully crowdsourced issue is the outcome of this effort. We got a copy of the Femina crowdsourced issue and it surely is a collectors item, with stories you must read from across all topics you will like.

femina made by you issue

It is powered by an amazing range of Women writers and authors who have compiled a great issue. There are great articles of every niche and I was introduced to some amazing bloggers whom we might interview some day. Surely Femina has hit a jackpot and it is what the future of publishing could look like, harnessing the power of social media.

femina crowdsourcing authors

It kind of makes me remember how 500 Google+ Photographers Published a Photography Book

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