How to Customize the WordPress Login Screen

For WordPress bloggers, the wordpress login page is the most common page you visit everyday to login and edit your blog. Though they have beautified the login screen (blog-url/wp-login.php) in WordPress 2, you can customize it further to express your creativity.

I never really need to visit the login screen since I use a single user personal computer and click the “Remember me” box, such that I stay logged in forever. However, there are many people who need to login daily for security reasons on public computers (which is a good idea), and a custom login screen would be a good idea.

I got this idea from Rishi Raj who is trying to give a professional touch to his blog by changing the images of the wp-login.php file. He advises to change the login-bkg-tile.gif and login-bkg-bottom.gif / login-bkg-bottom_new.gif images located in your blog’s /wp-admin/images folder. Replace with your custom images taking care of similar size and placement. Remember to keep a dark background or the white text will merge with a white background. Its a simple substitution of images which is safe also since you do not edit any php coding.

Again its a quick job. But remember that when you upgrade wordpress, all these customizations have to be redone. Based on these 2 tips, you can develop your own ideas. I stress the importance of backing up the original copy of all these files before editing these php files, so you can always ftp the original file if something goes very wrong.

If your wordpress install supports multiple users, edit the login screen and surprise other users! I am sure you will get a lot of buzz…


  1. Rishi says:

    Thanks for the credit work! and also thanks for nicely explaining it!

  2. Johny says:

    Thank you for the very well explained info, i’m designing a wordpress theme, i never took into consideration the login page, but now I know it’s importance :) thanks

  3. Leyla says:

    Amazing data, gracias!

  4. shantam says:

    thanks for the info. dude

  5. Dennis "DennisKnows" Marshall says:

    I want to make my login screen look like a bing page. With the nice graphics

  6. Daniel Sydnes says:

    Egads, please don’t edit the WordPress core. Put customizations where they belong — in a theme or plugin.

    The relevant API functions are the login_* filters, which have been available since WP 2.1 (January 2007):

    A walk-through article on the proper technique is available here:

  7. Smith harshan says:

    Thank you bro.Really good job.once again thanks!

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