How to Get Post Preview Frame Back in WordPress 2.2

In the long list of new features developed into the latest version of WordPress 2.2, a mandatory security upgrade, an important functionality was quietly removed. The post preview frame, where you could visualize what the post would actually look like, was removed and replaced with a link. Now you can get that post preview back.

The Preview Frame wordpress plugin promises to get the post preview back. Many forums have voiced the anger of the wordpress bloggers at removal of this feature as people were actually using it. The Visual editor by WYSIWYG editing does give you a good idea about formatting, but your CSS finally changes how it finally looks in live preview.

I guess the basic idea was to make wordpress post editor load faster as the whole page did not have to load in the preview frame. It makes editing multiple posts faster too.

I remember that when I switched from Blogger to wordpress, I had used a hide post preview wordpress plugin combined with Visual text editor to increase post editing speed as I fixed hundreds of posts. Unable to preview these posts, I was left with several unclosed tags due to wordpress Visual Text Editor that broke the template.

Now that the preview pane is gone, the wordpress developers bring it back to you with this wordpress plugin! If you need it, use it, else you don’t have it anyway.

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Found via Wordlog, where readers are disappointed that “useful functionality was entirely removed, and made to be plugin dependent by a third party developer (instead of rightfully making it an option to select between inline previews or new windows)”.

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