Go Geocaching: Find Free WordPress Schwag

Need some free WordPress stickers and T-shirts? Two boxes full of free WordPress Schwag are hidden somewhere in the Silicon Valley area. You need to go geocaching to find them… and some people actually did.

Ryan has announced this geocaching event and suggests you grab your GPSr and navigate to N 37′ 11.329?, W 121’50.846?, where you will find a geocache filled with WordPress schwag in two .50 caliber ammo boxes that hold WP stickers and t-shirts. He provides instructions to start at the Mockingbird Hill entrance of Almaden Quicksilver Park, with photos of the path and what to do once you find it. The cache consists of two ammo boxes with Tshirts (take one only!) and huge number of WordPress stickers.

Are you wondering what is Geocaching is all about? it is an adventure game for GPS users. Someone sets up the cache and shares the locations on the internet; then GPS users use the location coordinates to find the cache and get rewarded, leaving some stuff for others. With so many GPS trackers available in the market, it is becoming a popular game.

wordpress geocaching

Just when you were wondering who would go trekking for free wordpress products, a few people did. It seems Jerry Chacon was the first one to find the wordpress cache and gives some tips to find the location with emphasis on some GPS coordinates (he returned empty handed missing his XL t-shirt!). Next to find the spot was Yohannes Wijaya who located the boxes hidden inside a large and isolated tree’s trunk on the ground and took one of the shirts and a few stickers.

The fun of geocaching is more people participate and trek around looking for it and take only one shirt, a few stickers and repack the boxes so that more people can enjoy the game. Got a GPS tracker? You know where to find the goodies…

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