McAfee SiteAdvisor Phishing Quiz : Spot Fake Websites

Phishing websites attempt to fraudulently acquire your personal and sensitive information like usernames, passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a legitimate official website. Since the fake website looks so similar to the original website, innocent netizens are tricked into revealing their private data, which is then misused. How good are you at spotting fake websites?

Participate in the quick 10 question McAfee SiteAdvisor Phishing Quiz and and get your safety grade! They challenge you with 2 similar looking website and emails, and you have to spot the fake site. Enlarge the images to get a good look at the sites. In the end, they present the correct answers and the reasons why they were suspected as phishing sites (though I spotted some more ways they can be spoof sites).

Inspired by Amit, I also took the phishing test and got a rating of Safety Guru!

Nice work! Your practically clairvoyant knowledge of the Web allows you to spot even the most realistic looking spoofed sites. We’re impressed! But remember that even one misstep on a deceptive Web site can put your personal information at risk which could lead to identity theft or financial losses.

For a correct assessment, quickly scan the site for less than 10 seconds to determine the answer (if you look long enough, you might eventually detect the fake one, but that then the result would not be accurate because you would not actually spend that much time identifying a fake site which looks legitimate in every other way).

I got 2 answers wrong. Take the quiz and see how much you know about web safety. Even if you are security guru, test your skills. Share your rating in comments.

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