Free Professional Logo Design Service for Top Bloggers

Still stuck with arial text in your blog header? A good logo is essential for blog branding, but professional logo design is an expensive deal. Logo Design Works, a SpellBrand Company is offering free logo design service to select bloggers…

I was surprised when I first heard about it – a free logo! But it is true. Logo Design Works is offering a free logo design service to established blog sites. The Bronze Logo Design Package worth $197 is available free of cost! However, the offer is limited to 10 blogs per month only.

Apply for a Free Logo

If you have an established blog that needs a new logo or a logo makeover, then apply now. Fill in a simple logo design project questionnaire. If they select your blog, you are assigned a lead designer, review the 3 logo design concepts, select one and request 3 rounds of changes, finalize the logo and get the final files formats.

Why is this service free? You need to add them to your blogroll link or a short review post about them. Since they select only top bloggers; featuring on the blogroll or article of a top blog will drive lots of targeted site traffic their way, and the subsequent logo design orders will be more than enough to donate a free logo to a top blogger, with all the free publicity about who designed their professional logo.

I applied yesterday and was selected. Remember to check out our new logo design after a few days… Meanwhile you can also apply for a free logo design there.

Update: we got our new logo. Check it out.

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