Microsoft Offers Free Retrofit to Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel

The Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel lets gamers feel an unparalleled racing experience. But reports came in that a component in the Wheel chassis may in rare cases overheat and release smoke when the AC-DC power supply is used to energize the Wheel; and Microsoft has decided to offer a free retrofit to the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel.

A Xbox press release warns users that owners of the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel should stop using the AC-DC power supply until they have obtained their retrofit. Owners may continue to operate the Wheel using battery power. While operating in battery mode, the force feedback feature will not be available. Once retrofitted, owners may run the Wheel using AC power and reactivate this feature.

xbox gaming wheel

Owners of the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel should visit Xbox Support or call Microsoft at 0800 587 1102 to register to receive the retrofit. It great that top companies are concerned about product safety and such incidents show that even such large corporations care for their customers.

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