Superfast Way to Upgrade WordPress with Changed Files

WordPress 2.2.2 is released and its upgrade time again. The best way to upgrade is the recommended way, but since this is a minor update, with no database upgrades and no plugin issues, I tried to update from the last version 2.2.1 using the changed files only and it took less than a minute!

Fortunately this time they have disclosed the changed wordpress files in this version i.e. files which have changed since the last version 2.2.1. I simply downloaded the official latest wordpress version, unzipped it and isolated the changed files, deleted the other unchanged files and simply uploaded respective files to their respective folders via FTP to replace the original files.

Previously, I used to get these files from Mark Jaquith, a wordpress developer who compiles a changed files list, zip files and Changes Diff, a diff file (a patch) with all the changes made since the last release. This time the files are not up yet…

WARNING: Please perform this upgrade at your own risk. I tried it and there was no problem. Remember this works only if your are upgrading from the previous version 2.2.1. This is specially useful if you have multiple blogs to upgrade quickly. Every version upgrade is different, since this is minor upgrade with no database or plugin issues, replacing the changed files works, but for major upgrades in future go the official way. I repeat that the best way to do it is using a full back up of your blog and following the official detailed step by step instructions to upgrade your blog. It better to be safe than sorry.

Read more of my experienced tips about upgrading WordPress easily. If your database backup emails are not reaching your inbox, see how to fix the issue. You can try the InstantUpgrade Plugin for performing automatic wordpress upgrades. Put your blog in Maintanence mode so your visitors see a professional scheduled upgrade message. Some bloggers try faster multiple wordpress upgrades via Shell Access.

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