Paid Text Links Cause of Huge Google PageRank Penalties

It was well reported that Google Pagerank of top sites is dropping across the web as the latest Google Pagerank update progresses. However, more clarity has started emerging on the issue…

Paid Text Links Unleash Google PageRank Penalties

1. Matt Cutts (top Google engineer) emailed Search Engine Journal to confirm that the partial Google Toolbar PageRank update which happened last week was a result of Google’s campaign against paid linking and advertisement links which influence PageRank. Problogger Darren Rowse managed to get his PR6 back and confirms from two sources at Google that this latest round of updates was ALL about the selling of text links.

2. Andy Beard is comparing the previous 3 pagerank updates and reporting that some blogs have started regaining pagerank, while more fresh cases of dropping pagerank are reported. Our Pagerank also dropped from PR6 to PR3 and is still at the same level. I hope they fix the issue as we do not buy or sell text links.

3. This will definitely stress the business model of paid text link services. Some reports of payment issues with Text Link Ads are coming in. I am sure lots of webmasters would have removed paid text links by now to preserve whatever pagerank they got.

4. DoshDosh says Google Pagerank does not matter and advises you to “stop getting so worked up over something so inconsequential.” John Chow, who often rides against the Google tide says that link sellers will come up with a new pricing system that won’t include PageRank.

Are you still selling paid text links on your blog? Google is watching…


  1. Maris says:

    Ok, will wait to see what link sellers made up. But for now I have removed paid links from my blog and I’m hoping that google will give back my PR. I’m down from 5 to 2 – shame..

  2. Ross says:

    I removed the TLA service from my site as soon as it was even hinted that text link ads might cause a drop in pagerank. I also emailed the president of TLA and asked if they were considering allowing the use of nofollow and he said “we haven’t made the decision to allow the no follow tag at this point but will consider. The issue is our advertisers are paying for an ad that will not have the tag and with it advertisers will drop. Will keep you updated, thx”. That was on Oct 11th, and I haven’t heard back yet. I have received a few automated messages from TLA telling me that ads have been sold but there seems to be a “problem” with them displaying on my site (which of course makes sense since I disabled the plugin and removed the code etc).

    Frankly, I suspect they’ll lose MORE money by not allowing nofollow, since I’m sure I’m not the only one that has recently dropped their service.

  3. Vikram says:

    Thats correct Ross, you should read the article on how TLA refused to pay to the publisher, after serving the AD for almost 20 -25 days! Its on John Blog. QOT has included the link in above article as well.

    TLA and other text link brokers business model is going to be strained big time now!

    I hope you PR gets back to normal QOT! You deserve better than this! :(

  4. Alpesh Nakar says:

    Its a shame that my blog is down to 2! This makes it very clear that if I remove the TLA effective Nov1 (after receiving payments for Oct), I maybe able to get my pr up again.

    Thanks QOT, all the best.

  5. Innovations & interesting Ramblings says:

    yes lot if issues with payments from TLA…they are not paying the full money…this will only speeden up their downfall and eventual closure…

  6. Ndaru says:

    Interesting. TLA also refused to pay for ads that were shown up for 29 days on my site before I drop them all.

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