Who are the Top StumbleUpon Stumblers?

StumbleUpon is a popular social bookmarking tool and getting under the influence of a top Stumbleupon User can drive extra Stumbleupon traffic your way easily. But who are these Top StumbleUpon Stumblers?

Though there exists an official page listing top stumblers, it does not rank them on any basis and you need to check the individual profile of each to know why they are a top Stumbleupon user.

A new service called StumbleRank promises to show you the top Stumbleupon users by allow ranking based on pages, photos, or videos stumbled and also based on the number of fans and user reviews.

So who are these top stumblers? The top user right now is kancerman, who has stumbled over 160000 pages and over 7000 videos! vampiravali has stumbled over 25000 photos. etcetera has over 5500 fans while caile-girl has over a 1000 reviews!

If you feel you deserve a place in the top 100 Stumbleupon users, you need to add yourself to their database on a form provided there and then can be compared to other users. Rankings are updated every 12 hours. It pays to be a top users on a social bookmarking site – remember the deals offered to the first 10 Netscape Navigators

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