Paid Bookmarking Offer Gets First 10 Netscape Navigators

The first 10 Netscape Navigators have been selected. They are the people who took “the offer” to become paid bookmarkers. Jason Calcanis of Weblogs Inc blogging network had offered $1000 per month to top users of popular social bookmarking services like Reddit, NewsVine, Delicious, and Digg to switch as paid bookmarkers on Netscape, (often labelled by many as a Digg clone).

Calcanis says they have selected the first 10 Netscape Navigators from 3 of the top 12 Digg users, No. 1 user on Newsvine and No. 1 user on Reddit alongwith a bunch of their favourite folks from Weblogs, Inc.

“The fact is that the top 10 users on DIGG are responsible for 30% of the front page stories on DIGG. That’s 3% of total front page stories each!!! Think about that for a second… the top 10 users of DIGG do 3% of the work each–that is stunning. They get paid nothing but they are responsible for 3% of the total content on the home page. Wow.”

You can find the Netscape Navigators on the right panel of You too have a good chance to become a netscape navigator if you participate actively in the new Netscape or are a top ten user on Digg, Delicious, Reddit or Newsvine…

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