Free Open Source Project Hosting on Google Code

If you plan to start an open source project, and are looking for free hosting, try Project Hosting on Google Code. Google is offering new hosting service on Google code that offers a collaborative development environment with Project workspaces with simple membership control, version control via Subversion, issue tracking and mailing lists at

This all in one solution is a welcome option for open source developers to host, run, update and troubleshoot their projects. They have built in several issue trackers applications that users and developers use to maintain a database of software defects, change requests, technical-support requests, development tasks, and other issues.

You can check out the different projects hosted in Google code by broad categories based on programming languages like Java, C++, Python or on basis of platform of use like Windows or Linux. If you are an open source developer, you can create your own project.

Remember that project hosting is available only in English and accessible to developers from all countries, with a few small exceptions.

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