Google Project Loon Tests Balloon Internet in New Zealand

Google Project Loon is using Balloon powered internet access to distribute internet access to remote areas of New Zealand. The amazing new Google’s project Loon is an effort to grant internet access to everyone across the globe, wherever they are – in jungles, mountains or any remote areas where you can imagine in  future.

This amazing feat is achieved by floating hundreds of balloons into the sky, which will rise to heights at the edge of the space, at altitudes even much higher than at which airplanes fly. Loon Balloon internet subscribers have an antenna in their building which connects to the balloon internet network, while they continue to fly across the sky.

Google Balloon Internet

The Google balloon have already started flying…

balloon internet

google loon balloon

Intelligent software predicts wind speeds and controls balloon movement. It is powered by solar panels and uses this renewable energy to charge the battery at night.

Each balloon covers a 40 km area and provides internet speeds equivalent to 3G net speeds. Google has launched 30 balloons, and started testing Project Loon with a select group of pilot testers in Christchurch and Canterbury in New Zealand.

So if you spot this balloon antenna below in your neighborhood, you can be sure they are subscribing to Google balloon internet. They are inviting New Zealanders looking to test the balloon internet and you can request an invite.

balloon internet antenna

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