How to Download Digg Archives: Backup Diggs, Comments, Links

How can you download Digg archives, to backup your diggs, submissions, comments and saved articles? Digg in its new avatar after the takeover has converted into a single page site, and power Digg users would have thousands of diggs and submissions and comments which they might want to backup. Its another part of the incredible Digg story.

Download Digg Archives

download digg export data

Now Digg has made it easy for previous Digg users to back up their archives and use them in whichever way they like. Visit to get started and enter your Digg username or e-mail address.

digg archives

After using the Digg archive, they will send you an e-mail which contains a long link to download your Digg database.

Import Digg Archives

Once you download this data, how can you use this data to preserve your Diggs? Digg has partnered with the two Web services to help you preserve your data when you were an active Digg user, by importing your data into Kippt or Pinboard.

digg import data

Kippt is a free service to save all your links searchable, archived, and organized while Pinboard is a paid, personal web archive and bookmarking site which will import your Digg data for one-time payment of $9.88. You choose.

Go ahead and backup your Digg archives, restore them into one of these services, and preserve your Digg history.

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