Take Bing Challenge: Are Bing Search Results Better Than Google?

Are Bing search results better than Google? The bing it on challenge is an effort by Microsoft Bing search engine to compare Google results side-by-side with bing search results and let users decide which search engine is giving better results.

Bing vs Google

Bing is inspired by a independent study in which it found that users preferred Bing search engine 2:1 compared to Google. Bing intends to run a nationwide publicity campaign to courage search users to try both search engines side-by-side in a search face off and test for themselves by rating the search results and see for themselves if they prefer Bing search.

bing challenge

The idea is simple. You visit the Bing It On website and participate in the challenge by typing your search query. The website is an online tool which will present the search results from Bing and Google in two side-by-side windows, with all branding removed, and the user will have an option to choose which results he liked best. After five search searches, the site will reveal the results of the five searches based on the user votes, and the user can see for himself with search engine he preferred.

Microsoft Bing team is putting a lot of effort in making Bing a popular search engine. I think this is a good idea by Bing to take Google search head-on and encourage search engine users to see for themselves if bing does in fact give better search results. Take the Challenge and see for yourself.

From the Webmaster’s point of view, Bing is definitely putting up a big challenge for Google Webmaster tools. I particularly like the new Bing SEO tools, and the ability to disavow bad links. And if reports are to be believed, it powers a considerable rising percentage of search results as well.

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