Webmasters Can Disavow Inbound Links for Better Bing SEO

Now Bing lets Webmasters disavow inbound links and micromanage their site backlinks for better Bing SEO. Webmasters do not have control over which sites link back to them, and as poor quality sites and spam sites continue to link back to your sites over the years, any site can accumulate a bad link profile, which can later lead to Google penalties and low search engine traffic.

Disavow Inbound Links

While I continue to be surprised by the new Bing Webmaster tools, and the new SEO reports, in yet another pioneering effort Bing has allowed Webmasters to fine tune their back link profile, and disavow inbound links from low quality sites which could affect their search engine rankings. Why it would be useful tool for SEO experts who wish to identify the bad links and remove their votes for their clients websites, for most Webmasters it can provide a useful way to tell search engines if they want to remove some particular sites from contributing to their back link profile.

I think it would be particularly useful for WordPress theme designers who use footer back links for credits, to remove bad sites using their themes from destroying their link profile. WordPress theme designers are particularly affected by poor back links profile as anyone can download their themes, and adult sites using their themes can surely invite a Google penalty – and this might be a good way for theme designers to deny link votes from such sites.

bing disavow links

Webmasters can disallow links by page, by directory, and by domain. There is no limit to the number of links you can disavow, and though Bing explains that the Webmasters should not expect any sudden change in search engine rankings, it would help Bing search to understand which links you distrust for any reason, and would like them to consider less in the sites link profile.

I would understand that Google would also be working on such a tool. while I’m sure this tool has its advantages, yet the fact that Google has not yet implemented this feature makes me wonder that such a tool in expert hands might be misused for link sculpting to get a highly desired back link profile artificially, and might create unnatural link profiles.

It is reported that Bing powers more than 30% US searches, and Webmasters can no longer afford to ignore Bing search engine. What are your thoughts on using this back link tool?

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