7 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services

Web hosting is no longer the buzz, managed WordPress hosting is now more popular as more and more websites continue to use WordPress as their choice of content management system. WordPress has undoubtedly become one of the most popular blogging software which powers most popular blogs across the web.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Why do you need a dedicated WordPress hosting solution? WordPress has different needs for a web hosting solution. Of course you could opt for any web hosting provider in your website will work just fine, but if you use WordPress to power your site or blog, it might be a good idea to use dedicated WordPress hosting, a set of web hosting services developed exclusively to host, support and manage WordPress sites.

managed WordPress hosting

Indeed the tech support on the managed WordPress hosting services would be well-trained in dealing with WordPress problems, errors and issues. These WordPress experts would be in a better position to sort your WordPress queries, and understand how WordPress interacts with your web server. They would be well versed with common WordPress plugin issues as well. Have you ever experienced Tech support which seems confused about your WordPress queries? Well that may not happen with these guys.

Since they understand WordPress better, they assure tighter WordPress security, more reliable WordPress backups (try Vaultpress), and possibly be trained in quicker and more reliable techniques to restore hacked WordPress websites (like when QOT was hacked).

They promise to fine tune and optimise web servers to create faster loading sites, which might help your site rank better in search engines. Many of them will offer free CDN which is essential to make your WordPress site load faster in collaboration with WordPress plugins. Of course, they would be more than eager to migrate your site to managed WordPress hosting in a professional manner.

We host our WordPress blog on KnownHost, it is a managed VPS hosting which works very well for our site, but we are tempted to look at managed WordPress hosting services which might offer a better WordPress experience for WordPress bloggers. We prefer managed hosting services, because then the responsibility of managing your web servers lies with your web hosting company, while you can continue to concentrate on blogging.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress.org itself has partnered with several popular web hosting companies and officially recommends popular hosts like Dreamhost, Bluehost, Laughing Squid which offer optimised WordPress hosting services. Typically they offer one click WordPress installation and can get your WordPress site started in minutes. They offer shared hosting solutions and might turn out as cheaper hosting deal for you for very few dollars per month.

But here are some popular managed WordPress hosting services that might help you get more out of WordPress (in no particular order) –

  1. Synthesis – it is a managed WordPress hosting service by the reputed Copyblogger media. Since they also designed the Genesis theme framework (which offers several premium WordPress themes) –  they offer options for Genesis WordPress hosting as well, where your WordPress site will be powered by the Genesis framework for superior theme design, and optimise fast loading code. Starting at $27 per month.
  2. Page.ly – is another popular WordPress hosting solution offering automatic backups with WordPress core and plugin upgrades, superior security and ability to customise with any theme and plugin. Personal web hosting plans start at $24.75.
  3. ZippyKid – they offer free WordPress hosting for 30 days on a trial basis. Moreover, they offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage on all hosting plans. Hosting plans start at $25 only.
  4. WPEngine – The offer unlimited data transfer with their hosting plans and offer superior security and performance in WordPress hosting. Their personal hosting plans start at $29 only.
  5. KahunaHost – Offers WordPress hosting with instant premium WordPress themes and cloud hosting packages starting at $20 per month.
  6. WPWebHost – offers free CDN (content delivery network) for faster loading websites, free lifetime domain name registration, and other useful features. Offers starter shared hosting packages from $2.48 per month.
  7. WordPress VIP hosting – This hosting service is provided by WordPress.com, official creators of the WordPress blogging software. Obviously they understand WordPress more than anyone else does. But they offer premium WordPress hosting services to large clients with deep pockets. WordPress SAAS hosting plans start at $3500 per month and WordPress VIP self hosted plans start at $ 15000 per year!

Note that many hosting services have started WordPress hosting facilities to attract customers. Most of these hosting services offer prices for one domain in the starter packages, and may offer shared hosting (with attractive very cheap prices), restricted resources and other traffic requirements that may need you to upgrade to higher paying plans. It is most essential to understand your site traffic, and choose hosting plans which are right for your site, or you may end up paying much more than what your original web hosting costed you. [Note: No affiliate links in this article.]


  1. wordpress training says:

    Well, With the help of some one maintenance of the blog is done is known as Managed WordPress Hosting. It will be automatically updated with the availability of WordPress version. It will be in the manager hands to make sure the website stays online in case of plugin conflict concerns. Thanks for this article.

  2. Moe says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    I’d add -8 siteground.com :-)

  3. j2ee courses says:

    Managed WordPress Hosting is a kind of hosting where blog is managed by some one else. It can also shared by the hosting services like MySQL and the PHP supports. It can be install without any installation of uploading files.

  4. hrmehrotra says:

    as similar to wordpress dedicated hosting is there any hosting services for pligg

  5. Jason says:

    All these are very good and even expensive solutions for premium managed WordPress hosting. We decided to create WPCloudLayer . We thought we could offer the same level of quality with free extras such as free CDN, migration, Cpanel and much more.

    Take a look at our comparison page to see how we stack up amongst the others:

  6. Charles says:

    Another good one to add to the list would be BlogDroid which also does automatic backups and managed upgrades. BlogDroid offers a 30 day free trial and starts at $25 per month.

  7. GloucesterWeb Designs says:

    Been using https://wpengine.com/, for a while now. Faultless support, superb features, great backup/security, superior caching / CDN and very fast load times. we’re always looking to do things better, but would be very anxious about finding any other host in case we lost some of these great features. AS long as we continue to get so much ‘bang for the buck’ we can only highly recommend wpengine.

    URL omitted because this is not about us, but a great wp host!

  8. Rifai says:

    I was looking for cheap but reliable managed VPS for all of my sites. I’m trying to try the new VPS for one of my sites and if it really good, I’ll move all my sites. If one VPS isn’t be able to manage it, I’ll get another VPS. So, testing for each package is important. I have visited few sites in this page and the price was reasonable but it is somewhat too much for my pocket as my sites are about to grow. I have used cheap shared hosting and moved to Professional package last year. One of the sites currently using Business package but I believe, VPS or managed WordPress hosting is the real answer. I wish the article in this site should be updated again if new information available.

  9. chris says:

    I personally do not think that you need a dedicated service provider as long customer service and system requirements are met…

  10. deepak says:

    i want to go for WordPress powered site with fully managed hosting. So far i have checked info on Synthesis, Page.ly,WPOven, Zippykid, WPEngine and lighteningbase WPEngine appears to be more popular. WPOven offers unlimited sites, no restriction on number of visitors in ther basic plan, dedicated IP, dedicated VPS and Premium plugins and themes even with their basic plans. lighteningbase is the cheapest and looks fairly suitable for my single site. but i doubt its scalability. So i am having a dilemma thats leading to delays in site launch. So if somebody can throw some light on this topic and help me in making choice.

  11. Dave says:

    Personally I use HostAwesome for my sites, and even though they’re a relatively newer WP Host, the service and support could not be more fantastic. To each his own!

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