2 Years on KnownHost VPS Hosting [Review]

QOT has been hosted on Knownhost VPS hosting for the last 2 years, and I assure you it has been a great hosting experience. A Knownhost review was in order to share with you some reasons why we love Knownhost hosting and recommend it to you .…

knownhost VPS hostingWe switched from shared hosting to VPS hosting 2 years back. Many QOT readers recommended some powerful VPS hosting options, and many were very skeptical about Knownhost. Well QOT on Knownhost has been really worthwile. Remember to choose the right hosting package

Why Knownhost VPS Hosting?

1. Super quick response time (24×7) – Webhosting issues occur with any hosting service and it is unavoidable. But what is important is that the technical support is responsive quickly to your site and hosting issues. When you send in a support request, you instantly get a automated ticket number, but then every hosting does that. So here is the amazing part – whenever I have emailed Knownhost, they have ALWAYS replied back within 5-20 minutes, 24×7, even on Sundays and holidays. Ever since the day we joined we have been amazed by the amazing tech support and though many people speculated it was true for new customers, it has lasted these years.

2. They know their stuff – What is the use of quick response if your hosting support is inexperienced and they can’t figure what you are talking about. I am sure all of us have had a chance to get that from customer support – if they cant figure out what we are talking about, how will they fix the issue and will keep recommending unrelated fixes to buy time? Well I have never seen more knowledgeable support than Knownhost. They always respond in minutes, they always seems to understand what problem I am suggesting, and always have a solution for it in minutes. I have had a chance to get support from several different support team members, and all of them were brilliant.

3. They manage everything – The good part about managed VPS hosting is that there is someone to manage your server 24×7. Most bloggers have limited knowledge about the intricacies of hosting and running servers. I am glad I took managed hosting, and they have really helped and guided me all along the way. Getting managed VPS hosting is highly recommended so that you can concentrate more on developing content rather than fixing server errors.

4. They are courteous and never laugh at you – what use is it if you explain technical stuff to me in all geeky mumbo jumbo. I am a curious customer and keep questioning them about technical details, which would seem really elementary stuff, yet they have never scoffed at my request and always clearly explained me in the most courteous way.

5. You can fix stuff yourself next time – This is the good reason – whatever the problem is, they explain clearly with all details what they did to fix your server issues / hosting problem, so it becomes a learning experience, such that you can deal with the issue next time yourself. This has been of amazing help and has helped me gain confidence in dealing with several common hosting issues myself. I learnt new things like setting private nameservers and power of CSF-LFD.

6. Excellent uptime – VPS hosting has ensured that our site has maintained excellent uptime. We monitor our site using Montastic, Pingdom and they have always reported excellent uptime. My VS3 plan has me covered for all traffic spikes.

7. Free Upgrades – Over the last few months, Knownhost automatically upgraded the memory and storage of all plans too. Now that was a cool bonus.  The current packages are bigger and better. They upgraded hosting in 2009  also, so we have a double powerful package for free in 2 years.

8. Regular Backup –  They have regular full backups for your entire server, so when QOT was hacked, they managed to restore the server to the original state quickly. Now we have Vaultpress also to maintain regular wordpress and database backups.

QOT is now over 2 years on Knownhost VPS hosting, and if you are looking for reliable hosting, try Knownhost VPS hosting.

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About the Author: P Chandra is editor of QOT, one of India's earliest tech bloggers since 2004. A tech enthusiast with expertise in coding, WordPress, web tools, SEO and DIY hacks.