Knownhost Hosting Offers Free RAM, Disk, Bandwidth Upgrade

In a nice holiday surprise, our webhost Knownhost hosting upgraded VPS and Hybrid Servers with more RAM, Disk Space, and Bandwidth for all existing customers who currently use their SLM based VPS and Hybrid Servers. Knownhost says this is a holiday gift which will remain on our account for the lifetime of our subscription.

We are on the VS2 package with a additional 256MB RAM, but now we need to monitor if we need to pay for the extra RAM. Here is how the new web hosting packages look like –

knownhost hybrid upgrade

knownhost vps upgrade

We had switched to Knownhost VPS hosting few months back and have been impressed by their amazing tech support. If you do decide to join Knownhost, let us help you chose the right hosting package, and also get the lifetime discount coupon which will get you a good hosting deal.

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