Google Adsense Enlarges First Ad for More Clicks

Google Adsense is enlarging text of the first ad in all ad unit sizes to increase visibility to get more clicks. This test is visible as we browse around websites, most Adsense ads show the first ad text slightly enlarged. Usually Adsense publishers can choose the ad text size, but this time the first ad text is being automatically enlarged in all ad units.

See the ad units below and see the first ad is enlarged in all the ad units.

Adsense ads

Adsense ads

Adsense ads

What are your thoughts on this. Well  it will surely get more clicks.

Adsense keeps testing ad variations off an on for better Adsense optimization.  Check out some cool ad variations they tested before – link hover backgrounds,  twitter ad units,  2×2 ads, favicons, no titles,  favicons, checkout icons,  titles in italicsmultiple languagesno Ads by Google and interactive keywords.


  1. Salman @ Tech Blog says:

    Its a great move by the team …. well didn’t experience increase in clicks !! Hope to see a spike soon :)

  2. Soan says:

    Wow..i did not notice this change..Looks like a good one from Google. I hope it increases the clicks and revenue :)

  3. soscod says:

    by the way…the best setting is set to large for font in setting area adsense…

  4. Geld says:

    It is quite helpful in improving CTR. but it seems to underline appears poorly. I prefer without the underline

  5. Ahmad Badyari says:

    Google adsense team is always adding new feature to it to give more benefit to publisher . I think that it will work to increase the CTR of ads

  6. smotherer says:

    If Google Adsense is enlarging first ad for more exposure then will it be charging more from that advertiser also?

  7. Amrish Singh says:

    Google adsense them is moving forward to get more money by its publishing network that make money for us also

  8. mohsin ali says:

    Google need to do this because many people were use-to to the older style of ads and hence CTR of many publishers was very low.

  9. Techmug says:

    large banner makes ctr high

  10. sva says:

    this new performance of google ads, hopely will helpfull

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