Google Adsense Tests Link Hover Background Colors

Google Adsense is testing change in link background colors on mouse hover over the links. This new ad unit variation definitely helps to highlight the ads.

Normally Adsense publishers can choose to decide the background of their ads. We have 336×280 ad units on our pages, with a white background set, and a light green background is visible as you hover over the ad. However, the clickable area is still the ad title and link url. The mouse over the title also reveals the destination url overlapping the ad text.

adsense link backgrounds

When you hover over to the next link the background of that link changes.

adsense link backgrounds

Google adsense routinely tests many new ad variations, which if work, become standard features, else a new variation is tested. Check out some cool ad variations they tested before  twitter ad units,  2×2 ads, favicons, no titles,  favicons, checkout icons,  titles in italics, multiple languagesno Ads by Google and interactive keywords.

What are your thoughts on these new ads? Do you seem them on our site or your site?


  1. Tech Crates says:

    Pretty nice change … But it isn’t implemented as of now, I can’t seem any changes neither on QOT nor my own blog

  2. Jasmine says:

    This little mouse hover effect looks really nice, and should increase the ctr. I have not seen it on my blog though!

  3. LiMoO says:

    This seems to be fantastic. I hope Google Activate this in the future.

  4. Amrish Singh says:

    This is cool . Now we can set ads hover as navigation hover of the blog .How to enable this .you have not shate the way to do this for our blog

  5. Ahmad Badyari says:

    Theses changes will be help full for blogs and site owners to earn more money because it will increase CTR of ads

  6. Cool SMS says:

    thanks dear webmaster, this article really helps for my site.

  7. Mohit Gupta says:

    This is really nice, I was looking this the same thing to do at my site.

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