Spotted Google Adsense Twitter Ad Units

I was browsing around when I spotted these new Google Adsense Twitter Ad units. The Adsense units were clearly targeted to promote the Twitter account, with autorefreshing latest tweets and a clear call to action to follow the Twitter user.

Twitter Adsense Ads

Here is what the Twitter ad on Google Adsense looked like

twitter adsense ads

Upon loading, the ad autorefreshed showing the latest tweets of the Twitter account for around 7 times. The cursor shows that you could click the arrows and this will bring you to the new tweet. It seems clicks to these arrows will not be charged to the advertiser as you are browsing the tweets. Click the arrow and get a new tweet.

Twitter Adsense ads

The image, tweet link and “Follow Me on Twitter” seem to be clickable as observed by change of cursor image (we didnt click at it though). The call of action is clearly very good, and I am sure it will attract a high CTR. I like the Twitter Adsense units. Have you seen such Twitter Adsense units on your site?

We have spotted several strange Adsense ads over the years like ads with 2×2 ads, favicons, no titlestitles in italics and no Ads by Google and interactive keywords. Lets see how this will work out.

Update: @blogsdna tweets that he has spotted such ad units before and “specifically only Windows 7 Twitter account is advertised that way”.


  1. Saket Jajodia says:

    I am seeing this ad from many days.. But never noticed that closely..

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Initially I also thought it was a flash ad, but then it was targeted for Twitter profiles and was interactive.

  2. Swamykant says:

    It is an interactive ads. I have also observed it several times.

    There are many such ads coming up. For example, ads about Lumonsity are very interactive similar to this one.

  3. Rakesh Kumar says:

    I haven’t still noticed yet. Thanks for an alert.

  4. Madhav Tripathi says:

    I also think advertisers will not be charged for this, I was surfing tweets in this ad. And advertisers should not be charged for checking tweets but if user clicks on any tweets they will be charged I am sure.

  5. blogtips says:

    Thanks to inform i dnt observe such type of twitter adsense ads.

  6. Ronald Redito says:

    Never noticed that yet. Maybe the publisher limited it to certain country. But It’s a great way to advertise.

  7. Tech Crates says:

    I haven’t noticed the ad yet neither on my site nor on partner sites

  8. Garious says:

    I love the idea but haven’t seen it yet. And if @windows7_Pro is the only Twitter account that got this privilege, things get even more interesting and I can’t help but wonder: why?
    Is it the long-anticipated Google-Twitter-Microsoft alliance that will e-crush Facebook forever?
    This’s just me hallucinating! Never mind!
    On a serious note, I love the idea and can’t wait to check it out soon. I just hope it wouldn’t steal the “fun” factor from tweets as people would focus on writing more Twitter-Adsense-click-worthy tweets! I hope this wouldn’t mean boring Ads or overselling! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Nasif says:

    That’s look like a good idea to have good CTR !

  10. Maxim says:

    Aha… this was wat i was seeing recently everywhere… Now i gotta now what it is.. Thanks

  11. Praveen says:

    Found it before a week :)
    I agree it will get good CTR!

  12. fondotinta says:

    nice idea but i haven’t seen it yet

  13. promosyon says:

    Your site is very good. There are useful information and most importantly, for sharing great. Thank you.

  14. SEO Cape Town says:

    im trying to figure out how its being done on personal twitter accounts, im seeing this more and more. nice info in the post!

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