Easily Apply Jobs with LinkedIn Buttons

LinkedIn Profiles became more useful as job applicants can apply for jobs in one click using LinkedIn buttons. As job recruiters and employers continue to add “Apply with LinkedIn” buttons to their sites, job seekers will find LinkedIn buttons the easiest way to apply for jobs without filling long application forms or resume documents.

Apply Jobs with LinkedIn Buttons

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Companies can easily use the “Apply with LinkedIn” buttons to their sites and can easily access referrals and recommendations. LinkedIn allows customize branding, better submissions management by routing applications, and full integration with popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) (like SmartRecruiters, Jobvite etc.) in the market. Build an Apply with LinkedIn button using this generator now.

How does it work? Its very simple actually. A company adds the Apply with LinkedIn button to its job postings. Interested job applicants apply with one click using his LinkedIn Profile. The The company sees who in his network works there and can evaluate the job application for possible hire.

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View this video about how companies can hire better and job applications can get a better job with LinkedIn.

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