Preview The New MySpace [Video]

MySpace has undergone an extensive redesign and you can preview the new MySpace right now in the video below and look out for some exciting new features and social media interaction like never before. Justin Timberlake, part owner of MySpace is betting a lot to turn fortunes on this new design.

New Myspace

See how Justin Timberlake’s MySpace profile looks like now

old MySpace profile

and this is how it will look like in the new MySpace

New MySpace

MySpace has been struggling with declining traffic too, and what does the new design look like – it’s a nice mixture  of great pictures, a very sleek  new interface, and looks like a winner in all aspects. It has a lot of shades of Windows 8 and Pinterest, and as I see it MySpace might really be back and popular. In fact, I heard StumbleUpon is planning a new design which is on similar lines are a lot of visual media exposure.

The declining statistics of MySpace users and site visitors is public knowledge, but will this new MySpace avatar bring back the glory for MySpace and get people flocking and talking about it – only time will decide.

MySpace traffic

MySpace and Digg were among the most popular social networking sites a few years back, and the advent of Twitter and Facebook push these sites into the background. In fact school kids and teens desperately wanted to unblock MySpace and was a popular search query during those years. Remember the MySpace secret shows, and how popular the MySpace Toolbar was. Even Digg recently underwent a transition into a one-page popular news page, by allowing people to export Digg archives out of the system.

Right now they are allowing people to sign up for the new MySpace and then e-mail you when it’s ready.

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