First MySpace Secret Show in India: Free Concert Tickets

The Myspace Secret Show has made its debut in India and now Indians can get free concert tickets to the show to be held in Mumbai, India on 29 May 2009! Are you on MySpace?

myspace secretshow india

MySpace Secret Show India is being held at Bandra Amphitheatre (at Bandstand, Mumbai) on 29 May, 2009 at 6.30pm. The show will feature artists Motherjane and Scribe with Black.

How to get free concert tickets? Sign up to Myspace and then you must add secretshowsindia as a friend. Print out your Myspace profile, which is also your ticket to the show. So basically you just need to “Add to Friends” to get free entry. Now that is so easy.

Why is it a secret show? Because inspite of the buzz and preparations, the identity of the artists is kept secret till the last moment.

When did Secret Shows start? The series began on January 29, 2006 when Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley played at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. View the last MySpace Secret Show in US.

This will change the music scenario in India, while reinforcing the MySpace brand in India. Now more online social networks will look forward to actively engage their members offline using means like these concerts. Get ready for the best in music – Rock, Metal, Folk …

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