TweetMeme Buttons Converting to Twitter Buttons

All TweetMeme buttons on websites will convert to Twitter buttons in the next 24 hours! TweetMeme is closing down on October 1. TweetMeme was one of the most popular re-tweeting services before Twitter introduced its own retweet buttons.

Tweetmeme to Twitter

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After the immense increasing popularity of Twitter over the last few years, TweetMeme was the most popular service to host re-tweet buttons across 500,000 blogs!  It was undoubtedly one of the best Twitter tools for bloggers, and one of the best Twitter WordPress plugins.

Do you remember about the TweetMeme Pro Retweet Buttons which they offered at $1000 per year to get a list of great features.  In fact, bloggers devised ways to add Tweetmeme buttons on selected WordPress posts too.

Then one fine day, Twitter introduced its own official Twitter buttons. Even we used TweetMeme buttons for several years, which in fact updated much faster with a more accurate count than Twitter buttons in the early days. Then Twitter buttons gradually spread across all blogs and people actually started retweeting without buttons, and TweetMeme buttons were rarely to be seen.

How will TweetMeme users be affected?
The company reveals that all TweetMeme buttons will switch over to Twitter buttons in the next 24 hours. If you manually installed iframe TweetMeme buttons, then the code will stop working, and you will need to install the new Twitter button. The free API, RSS buttons, and follow buttons are gone and the website was shut down on October 1, 2012.

Well now that the tweet buttons are on all blogs, it is a good idea to create Short URLs for your domain name for easier retweeting.

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