10 Most Useful Free Twitter Tools for Bloggers

I present to you my list of 10 most useful free Twitter tools for bloggers that we use daily and find of the most practical use in our blogging routine. I am sure you too would want to grab all these tools for your blog. Check them out.

Best Twitter Tools for Bloggers

Twitter1. Twitterfeed – This amazing tool will let you publish updates from any RSS feed to your Twitter account. You can decide how frequently you want Twitterfeed to check your feed updates and how many updated articles to post to Twitter so that you dont overwhelm your twitter followers with tweets. If you follow us on Twitter, you know we direct our blog feed, delicious feed all via Twitter feed and keep updating our Twitter account automatically.

2. Tweetdeck I know there are lots of Twitter desktop clients out there. For one fact, Twitstats says Tweetdeck is the most popular Twitter client in the market. Next it allows you to keep control of multiple Twitter profiles and keep regular track of your tweets, profile mentions, replies and direct messages – all on one screen. For me, it is the best way to keep using Twitter like a pro. Another popular alternative is Twhirl.

3. Twitpic – Simply put, TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter.  Now most popular Twitter clients have inbuilt support for Twitpic. This a valuable addition to make your tweets interesting.

4. Tweetmeme Button – this nifty button has emerged as the most popular way to get your articles retweeted. Supporting various blogging platforms and websites, a Tweetmeme button is the best way to get retweeted and make your article go viral across Twitter for extra site traffic. We use the Tweetmeme WordPress plugin on our blog and you can spot the green retweet button on this page and our feed.

5. Twitter Counter – is a statistics tools which allows you to show off your Twitter followers count on your blog. It will also show you how rapidly your followers are increasing (or decreasing!) over the week or months. See how our Twitter follower counts looks like. You can also add their Twitter Remote widget to your blog sidebar for more interaction. If you really want to look for the most popular twitter users, catch them Twitterholic.

6. Wickett Twitter Widget – As seen on many blogs on WordPress.com, it displays tweets from a Twitter account in the sidebar of your blog.  It is by far the easiest, lightest and best way to add Tweets to WordPress. Here are more tools to integrate Twitter with WordPress.

7. Twitter Search Widget –  Official Twitter widget which provides a cool custom interface to display your own profile search results in your sidebar. An excellent way to show how popular you are on Twitter as hundreds of your profile mentions and replies scroll across your blog every second. There is an official profile widget also if that suits your need better.

8. Twibbon – lets you add a logo of your website or a cause you support to your twitter profile avatar. This also enables your supporters to add the same logo to their profiles and show support for your blog or cause and is great to develop a community of supporters and get lots of publicity.

9. Twitterberry – is a popular Twitter client for Blackberry mobile phones. It helps me stay connected with my Twitter account anywhere in the world and on the move. I can access my Twitter followers, get replies and post tweets without my computer. My friends with Iphone and ipod Touch will like  Twitterific or Twitterfon. Other mobile phone users can check the official mobile version of Twitter.

10. Twitbin – is a firefox extension that allows you to keep up with all of your Twitter conversations right from your browser sidebar. This really helps you stay connected with your followers while you are busy blogging. Or open Twit 100 in a tab and keep following latest tweets from 100 followers on one screen.

What are your most useful tools which you use on a daily basis? Post in comments and I will add to the article. Image by mark.benton


  1. Rohit Singh Sengar says:

    Another very useful tool GeoChirp is left out. Worth trying http://www.geochirp.com

  2. venkat says:

    Twitterfeed ,tweetdeck and tweetmeme button are my favorite.

  3. Dragon Blogger says:

    I used to use twitterberry, but ubertwitter is a much better twitter application for the blackberry and much faster.

  4. Mansoor Ahmed Zia says:

    with the help this article, blogging site can be fully powered by Twitter. Thanks buddy. Looking forward for more useful article like this one.

  5. Mansoor Ahmed Zia says:

    Buddy, can we have some “follow me on Twitter” widget from your blog ? i would like to add that widget which is best in your knowledge, because so far i am not been able to find a good “Follow me on Twitter” WIdget. I am waiting for your precious response.

  6. Oversluiten Hypotheek says:

    I often use http://www.twitpwr.com/ for short links.

  7. Mezanul says:

    Nice list of twitter tools! Twitterfeed and tweetmeme are the one that I use frequently :)

  8. hammad says:

    only tried twitterfeed uptil now….will test others as well
    nice list….

  9. itnerd.com says:

    Installed TweetDeck.

  10. sourav, senior SEO writer says:

    a well-researched article to help us enhance our experience of Twitter…

  11. Amanya Jacobs says:

    Such a helpful article. Some of this I knew. Most I did not. I’ll be exploring each of the sites that are new to me. Thanks!

  12. jess says:

    Twitterfeed all the way for me

  13. InternetTrainingCoach says:

    Twitter has many great ways of providing us a massive viewers and readers. I use all of them. It makes my internet activities more easy and fun as well.

  14. Saurabh Kumar says:

    they aare good technique for twitter plz use this technique

  15. iphone4idiots says:

    Nice list. I think I’m gonna give Tweetmeme Button a try tonight. Thanks

  16. Goldie Mamma says:

    I have been using TwitterFeed for a long time and it seems to work great. The only problem is you can’t really set a time so you can schedule the time of the posts. I still really like it.

  17. V.C says:

    These are great tools for blogger.
    Unfortunately, I don’t use any of them.
    I’m not really good at marketing with twitter.

  18. Roschelle says:

    I use Tweetdeck and a few of the other Twitter tools. I love Tweetdeck. It makes the flow a whole lot easier to follow….The little chirps can be annoying but that’s what the volume control is for!

  19. Tinh says:

    Actually, I know all of them but nowadays, Twitter seems to be a place for spammers. The followers increase will prevent you not keeping on track of all updates. That is why I switched to Facebook

  20. Donny Gamble says:

    My personal favorites are Twitter Deck and Tweet Meme. I don’t know what my Twitter life would be without these Twitter tools

  21. rosette says:

    I am only familiar with twitpic since most of the tweeter that i followed before have this feature. Right now, I tried the twitterfeed since it could be useful for me everytime i wrote a tweet.

  22. Robert Phillips says:

    I am surprised to see all the latest twitter tools available here for bloggers. I haven’t used the latest tools mentioned here but, I have used tweetdeck and twitter search widget.
    I like these tools as they were very helpful during course of my work.

  23. Website Promotion Blog says:

    It’s an interesting list.

    I also use Twitter Tools plug-in in wordpress that helps me tweet right from inside my wordpress admin area.

  24. Jay Jani says:

    I think digsby is the best desktop client for twitter. Twitpic is the best photo uploading site for twitter :)

  25. Mark says:

    This is very nice, that 10 Best Twitter Tools, Plugins, Widgets for WordPress Blogs this post have a benefit tips thanks to share…HNY

  26. Big Robby | Kennebunk Web Design says:

    There’s no substitute for simple xml integration for twitter into your theme. Avoid plugins if you can. I use this twitter integration code to display my status for example. With a few lines you can prevent a whole host of crap from happening that will slow your site.

  27. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the post! People are crazy for not using more Twitter.Twitter is 100% the way to goI use Mass-Follow.com to submit my articles to like 400 places

  28. Twitter For Marketing says:

    Twitter For Marketing – This site has great information about twitter marketing,
    It includes tutorials and tips about twitter tools and other twitter marketing strategies.

  29. Nityanand says:

    my favourite is Twibbon

  30. Thomson says:

    started using tweettwain

  31. treza says:

    Hey..Guys There’s another application called ‘SpokenTwitter’ which have many of advantages. SpokenTwitter itself says “Twitter is all about updating your status then why type when u can speak” Retweet, Reply or Delete a message from your phone itself while listening to the tweets. There is No limit of 140 characters of text and NO internet connection required. You can Tweet your voiced emotions in any LANGUAGE and followers can hear real voice. You can Tweet while mobile is offline in local access numbers. You can also listen to Twitter text timeline. I have tried this application and it was wonderful experience by using this application and I am sharing with my friends and even my friends are using this applicationn!!!!!!!!!

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