Monopoly City Streets Game to Reset and Restart!

If you are addicted to the Monopoly City Streets online game like me, hold on, the game will reset and restart anew with millions of streets ready to be bought again and will deal with the rampant cheating currently on in the game.

monopoly city streets

Over the last few days, I have been totally hooked to the game and besides some performance and loading issues, there are a lot of issues that needs to be fixed.

1. Cheating – I think this is the major issue that is spoiling the game as top users are creating multiple accounts and selling off properties at higher prices to  get rich quickly. Since there is no IP check, or email check in place, anyone can create as many accounts as they like.

2. Response time slow –  If you decide to buy a property, your money is debited and the seller has 1 week to respond. Till that time your money is blocked, and the seller might simply reject your offer. That should be significantly reduced to 24-48 hours so that the  money is moving fast.

3. No New Streets –  Almost all the cities I went to, all streets were already bought. Purple streets signify new streets which players can buy directly from the bank, without waiting for a response. There should be an easier way to find new streets in a city. You cant possibly keep browsing endlessly searching purple streets, which may or may not be there.

4. Negotiate Deals – There should be a system of private messaging or chat where the property buyer and seller can negotiate and get d0ne with the deal in minutes rather than wasting lot of time waiting across world timezones for users to login.

5. Online Status – In any online game, this is really important. All users should have a online status icon, so that you know that the proposed real estate deal can be acted upon immediately.

6. Faster loading – Many times I am stuck on the interface which keeps loading streets available in the area. Till it loads, you cannot do any deals on that screen. I am sure the overwhelming response is slowing their servers.

7. Updated FAQ – They need a really detailed FAQ to elaborate all aspects of the game. There are still many questions which are unanswered for newbies.

8. Register Link Missing –  The first time I started, I spent half an hour looking for the sign up link. But it was simply not there. Unless you buy a street, the register link never appears. They really need to add a sign up screen there ASAP.

9 Define Buildings – The role of several buildings in not too clear. It seems the bonus buildings can be destroyed too. Some people can sabotage a street with so  many buildings, that it might never get rent ever, and no one is willing to buy at market price.

10 Slow refunds – the money does not come back instantly once the seller rejects the offer. Why is the money held up in the system

and the list can go on and on….

But the fact is that Monopoly City Streets Game is one of the best games I have ever played. Its is too addicting and Hasbro has created a winner exploiting  the power of Google Maps and bringing Monopoly to our own streets. Of course there are glitches, but they are listening …. so wait for the reset and restart which will happen in a week, and they promise a 24 hours notice before that. I am sure the game will come out much stronger and better after that.

Update: They will take down the game on Thursday, September 17 at 15:00 GMT. After 12 to 24 hours of reset, the site comes back live, and the game will restart.

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