Play Monopoly City Streets Game Online on Google Maps

I am having a great time playing Monopoly City Streets live on Google Maps for the past few days. It a superb new version of Monopoly that takes the player right to his own city and lets them buy and trade real streets on Google maps in real time.

I kept looking around for a registration link for quite some time, but only after you decide to buy a  street, does the register user link jump out. So I suggest the best way to get started is to go ahead and decide to buy a street.

Play Monopoly City Streets

monopoly city streets

I started with M3,000,000 Monopoly Dollars by default and that is not a lot of money if you see the high price of real estate you intend to buy, and if it has a few houses or bonus buildings, then its never enough.

Loaded with my money in millions, I headed straight to New Delhi, and was greeted with lots of blue streets, which were already owned by other players. I could not find any Purple streets, which are owned by the bank, and easier and cheaper to buy as all these streets were already bought. The only option was to buy streets from other players, but the rates were really high.

buy-propertyI tried to buy streets from many professional players, but the selling rates were high and most offers were rejected. I am still trying to bag a deal and own my favorite streets if possible. Then I realized that I could buy a street any where in the world! I could buy streets in London, New York, Singapore, anywhere… and in fact in many of these places it is cheaper to buy streets. Another cool thing is that if players do not respond to your buy request in 1 week (or they dont login!), you win over that street at the buy price!

The rent from these streets and property can help you earn lots of rent income easily.  The more rent you receive, the more streets you can buy and the bigger your property empire becomes. A great thing is that you earn rent from your properties every day, even if you don’t play. Buy properties in a bunch of streets together and  in populated areas and see boost your rental income.

It also seems the more I play, the better luck I have of getting a Chance card, which can change my fortunes and help me sabotage my friends streets. A Hazard Chance card lets you construct buildings such as Power Plants, Prisons and Sewage Works, which totally destroy the rental value of the property. A Bulldozer Chance card enables you to demolish any Hazard that may have been placed on a street you own. A Bonus Building Chance card protects your top earning streets to make sure your friends can’t place any Hazard buildings there and sabotage your rent.

You can even mark your friend and family and play with them to own your entire neighborhood. There are 6 status levels that you can rise to and then keep unlocking bigger and better buildings to construct, till the huge MONOPOLY Tower skyscraper.

I am still getting started with the game. If you have mastered the game, share your favorite tips in the comments.

Update: They are going to reset and restart the game soon, as cheating is rampant.

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