How to Convert Your Blogger Blog to Book Easily

How can you convert your Blogger blog into a printed book and sell it to make extra money online? Google has partnered with Blog2Print and now offers this service at very reasonable prices.

blogbookThere are a lot of customization options so that you get exactly the book you want. You can select all your articles to be added, or choose a date range for weeks or months. Then choose if you want to include or exclude article comments. There are a range of pre-selected book cover designs or you can upload your own cover design. Complete it by writing your own introduction text.

Remember you need to be on Google Blogger for this to work and you will have to enable full text feeds to grab all your content. Start by simply entering your url and sit back.

So how much does you new blog book cost? A 20-page softcover Blog Book will cost $14.95, while the Hardcover costs $24.95. For every extra page, you pay 35 cents! So if you have a huge blog, then keep the rising price in mind. However, you can grab your blog book PDF for only $7.95!

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