Top 10 Ways to Unblock Websites

How to unblock websites? These days, Internet filtering and controlled access is the new trend. More business owners are implementing filters within their companies with the purpose of blocking websites. Their intention is understandable but, on the other side, people love freedom and sometimes they feel mistreated.

How to Unblock Websites

However, here are some things you can do that will help you bypass filters and unblock websites.

1. Use web proxies

Many free online services allow you to access blocked websites through a proxy server. A proxy server is an intermediary between the user and the server where the request was send. Here is a list with the most known resources of web proxies:, and

2. Use VPN connections.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is like a tunnel over the public network. The advantage of using VPNs over web proxies is that VPNs are more secure because they are using advanced encryption and allow you to access all the applications (mail, chat, browser etc) in complete anonymity and not only the web sites. The most known free VPN is Hotspot Shield.

block websites

3. Use Hide IP software.

These are easy to use and even if the main functionality is to hide IP address and unblock websites, there are applications that can provide you more than that – like cleaning online tracks, testing proxies, manually adding proxy, etc. Usually, if you choose free software, then this will provide you a minimal number of proxies and no other features than hiding IP addresses. Not My IP is one of the latest free hide IP address software that has already gained a large market followed by the old UltraSurf which is already very popular. Regarding paid applications that provide more features and have a complex structure, my recommendations are IP Privacy and Hide My IP.

4. Use Toolbars and Firefox add-ons.

Toolbars and Firefox add-ons are in fact software applications that work on specific browsers and with a simple click you can enable or disable online anonymity.

5. Use translation services.

Introduce the link of the blocked website in the translation field (for example in Google Translator and choose a random language to translate from because translation from English to English is not supported.

6. Use Google cache.

In the Google search field type cache: before the URL of the blocked website. For example type cache:

7. Use Internet Archive. allows you to view blocked websites through the Wayback Machine. This will retrieve all pages of a specific website indifferent if the website is blocked.

8. Use Web2Mail service.

Web2Mail it is a free email service that can sent to your email address specific web pages. You sign up for an account and get set to receive specific websites by email.

9. Change the http of an URL into https

This is the  easiest way to access blocked websites. Of course, this might not work every time but you have many other solutions also. This is the fastest one.

10. Use IP address of the website instead of URL.

To use the IP address of a website instead of URL, you must first find its IP. To do this open command prompt and type: “ping”.

WARNING: Now, that you have so many methods to choose from, it is up to you for the purpose you use them for. Please remember that ONLY YOU are responsible for your activities and we take no responsibility for the same.

This guest post was written by Elisabeta Ghidiu, who is interested in online privacy and security solutions. 


  1. Andy says:

    Very useful analysis. I am using hidemy ip and it is very usefull.

  2. Stephen says:

    That’s really informative post I was looking for. Till now I was aware of only one method of using Proxies to access blocked websites, but it is good to know that there are some other methods also.

  3. Rahul - Web Guru says:

    Proxy websites are one of my best ammo for the job.

  4. venkat says:

    Proxy services do work but all these will not helpful to access a particular r website when we most needed as I faced .

  5. Martik says:

    This article is good!


    NON of them working in IRAN

    • Elisabeta Ghidiu says:

      Martik, there are many services available on the market but to find one that works in your country, you have to search and test man of them. It’s more a matter of luck. Some of them works better is specific regions or on specific systems.

      • Milan says:

        I live in iran i’m sure u know that we can’t even get to these site to download the apps!!

    • jonny says:

      same here in saudi arabia D:

  6. Lucy says:

    Great unblock tools and software. Now I can unblock facebook at school and also bypass filters to unblock myspace, unblock bebo and many other blocked school websites.

  7. HideIPTools says:

    Thanks for the great info. Hide Ip softwares and vpn services are probably the best solution to hide/change ip address.

  8. chris says:

    unblock it

  9. Elisabeta Ghidiu says:

    Other free VPN are: AlonWeb, UltraVPN, CyberGhost. I hope these will work for you. :)

    • Albert says:

      But I suspect UltraVPN. Some of my friends told it is the malware. But it is really working good…

  10. Dena at Hollister Creative says:

    Great run down on how to overcome blocked sites & contents. I appreciate your list of the web proxies, since I find myself in need of one. I’m hopeful that I can find one from your list.

  11. Jeff Bode says:

    Cool, I had a website that I was trying to access, that keeps getting block (the new version of Firefox is annoying me)

    I’ll have to try some of these…

    I also had an issue of sending visitors to my site that blocked them from accessing another one of my sites – not sure why, but I just moved the webpage to the same site and it worked fine.

  12. EM says:

    another one, useful in some cases: restart your modem/router if you have a dinamic IP (mostly common).


  13. Zander says:

    Any of these proxy doesnt work on my office!
    Do you have anything for me?

  14. สาวญี่ปุ่น says:

    The article is very useful for me.
    Thanks you for sharing.

  15. Blogging Guide says:

    Web proxies are usually the best way, providing the url of the proxy doesnt contain the word ‘proxy’ then most work/school web filters wont pick it up!

  16. catherine says:

    none work for me they have blocked them all have anything new?

  17. hi good friend says:

    I just want to download recently released movies but it has not been easy. many of my friends do it so fast and they pretend like they don’t but they all have the recent movies and they are like “if you want its in my laptop” so please send me how to do it so easy. thanks a million.

  18. hokya says:

    what are the proxies you usually use?

  19. Ira Mann says:

    Very nice post. I have heard about proxy servers for a long time now, but had never used one because I was not sure where to find them. So, thanks for the links. I look forward to exploring them and seeing what they are for and what they can do. Great Job!

  20. nytisha daniels says:

    wont let me on facebook 4 i can chat with my friends

  21. Alagirisamy says:

    It is very useful for me And those who are seeing this websites

  22. Ajinkya says:

    nice list , i will recommend foxyproxy addon , best easy tool !

    • Elisabeta Ghidiu says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I’ll make an update for this post and I will collect more resources.

  23. Justin says:

    Nice! Very useful :)

  24. Sammy Mitchell says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  25. Man says:

    The best and most secure are hide ip software and VPNs, i prefer IP Privacy becasue has premium proxies that are not slowing down your Internet connection…

  26. Swing says:

    A fresh list of web proxies is available here

  27. ali says:

    All your offer ways couldn’t work in Iran .
    Because The Government of Iran block all port except 80,81,21 …

    especial ports blocked are:
    *22 : ssh
    *443 : https(ssl) (included sites : Gmail , facebook , twitter , )
    *1194 : for Openvpn
    *1723 : pptp (for vpn ;However, newly they don’t blocked this port , they decrease traffic to 0 byte!)
    *1863 : msn messenger
    *5050 : yahoo messenger

    even often the Government of Iran don’t allow to download video and flash files! or use mail services like Gmail , Yahoo mail , live , etc.

    Thanks a lot anyway;)

  28. here says:

    Hey, I knew about 6 of them. Nice to know more anyway. Thanks.

  29. Brad Gandy says:

    Is this legal, because my state is really strict about this stuff; however, I want to access, so that when I go into high school in the near future, I can broadcast the basketball games!

  30. nityanand says:

    internet archieve is the best thing to browse the banned websites

  31. Elisabeta says:

    You can try this:

  32. HowlEngelzimmer says: <– What I usually use in my school. <– SSL <– Myspace <– Facebook, BEBO, YouTube

    (Don't put any 'www.', '.com', '.net', '.org', 'http://' just put the numbers as is on your address.)

    Hope this helps.

    Add me in Facebook so I'll know if it works, if it doesn't work, I'm sorry.

    My name in Facebook is "Ako Si Joshua" wearing yellow polo and shades.


  33. Small Chest Freezer says:

    It’s very nice when you see a post like this. I’ve learned a lot and you me give new ideas. I hope to see more post from you. Thank you very much.

  34. emmanuel oluo says:

    Pls can you send me a freeworking proxy & port & also a free one for opera mini 4.2

  35. Ceiling Spot Lights says:

    This is a really good read for me.good introduction from the highly professionals. I done a search on the person and learn most peoples give concord with your diary. for another proxy you can visit hxxp://

  36. rookie says:

    also using cyberghost vpn, great way to surf online, and the servers are reaally really fast!

  37. Lexy says:

    man none of these workeverytime i try to access any of these they are all blocked

  38. Lexy says:

    This isnt helpful at all i already knew all of these and apparantly so did my school administrators because they blocked them

  39. saeed says:

    unblock my site

  40. shuk says:

    the hotspot works with me.. thanks a lot

  41. punkmonk says:

    ***Muah Muah Muah*** I’m loving it… my organization keeps facebook blocking… this page helped me to access it with ease… the easiest way “https://” worked. thank you, thank you very much ***Elisabeta Ghidiu***.. now i will teach all of my friends.

  42. siva says:

    Hai, i tried with all proxy servers but i fail to open that pages, think they made block all proxy service
    please tell me any other way to access it freely.

  43. ran says:

    pls.. give me a browser that can access facebook because my computer has a watchguard. thank you

  44. Umair says:

    I like getting on facebook at home but when i am in school icant get on so please tell me how to get on facebook at school

  45. Umair says:

    how do you unblock facebook at school would someone tell me please thank you

  46. haunter736 says:

    how do i unblock this

  47. mary says:

    hi ,i want to download,but this web site is blocked in my country,can u help me ?how download it?

  48. anonymous says:

    i whant to get into facebook at work but aint got much options is there any specific way to unblock it with out using anything, only getting into my pc’s system???

  49. Sunil shrestha says:

    i cann’t access facebook from my computer. when ever i try to open facebook another web page opens.

  50. mick says:

    every site I tried to open that you suggested, is blocked; what now?

  51. Best Android VPN says:

    Web Proxies are usually also blocked so using a VPN is the best way to bypass the firewall at your work or school :)

  52. jim says:

    Cool I can go on minecraft at school

  53. rock says:

    nothin working..need some serious commands to unblock..

  54. srinesh shenoy says:

    how to unlock website in proxy server in linex & xp suggested me

  55. Daniel says:

    my school literally blocked all of the websites that does not have anything to do with school…. even the weather websites

  56. abria says:

    hi i tryed to use proxy and all and its still blocked and i tryed to go to settings and reset my school computer it was working for a while until they blocked it

  57. raja says:

    u can use vpn like hotspot or securitykiss to unblock sites even at china and iran

  58. saeed says:

    Hi, none of them worked here in Iran, please give me another way!!

  59. Mark Ackleys says:

    With Hotspot Shield I can unblock facebook ,myspace and many other blocked websites.
    Check it out here:

  60. Jackal says:

    That’s reall a good post. I have been using boxpn VPN service for my online security and anonymity. It’s simple and very useful.

  61. jone maikl says:

    Unlock all blocked sites

  62. DiMarco says:

    Bingo :) Solution number 2 worked wonders! I first tried hotspot shield but it’s as slow as heck !! I settled for highspeedVPN check it out ! I can’t complain so far I can use it to access sites at work… I wish they got rid of this filtering it isn’t helping our productivity just slows us down when we need to conduct research at work!

  63. A Bernard says:

    Pretty insightful article thanks Elisabeta!

  64. FRANK says:

    Hey guys i real like to know how to unblock my internet since it blocked in facebook only. Pls help me

  65. Ahmed says:

    Spotflux and hotspotshield don’t work on my laptop no more for God knows what reasons. How can I fix em?

  66. natali says:

    i go to net flix and i cant watch the movies i get a pop out saying internet explore blockedthis website from displaying content with security certificate errors can anyone tell me how i can fix this please and thanks

  67. Flipp says:

    if i do use proxy will my boss find out that i’ve been using a site that he blocked???pliz anser

  68. Suji says:

    pls help me how to remove how to remove a facebook block option in my pc.

  69. Victor Zabrowski says:

    In my area a lot of websites are blocked so I’ve found out that using a free proxy is the best way to pass round – for example

  70. kkteja says:

    plz slove how t to unlock this site

  71. Ioana Maria says:

    Thank you. But none of these work for me. I guess our iT guys are very good. Cause I can’t even open a page that talks about unblocking a site. I had to use my phone in order to see this. And all I wanted was a game to play online. Oh well.

  72. Nomaa Bufkins says:

    Why there is such a need to block such good social networking sites….. anyone can use it using if it is blocked.It’s very easy to use. Downloading is also awesome.

  73. Neha Marti says:

    I was using hotspotshield when i was in saudia, but it always slow down my computer, then i found a free best proxy website now i can unblock any website.

  74. Ajay Kumar says:

    There are some other free vpn software available like I was previously using hotspotshield but it slows down your internet speed. Even i was not able to open facebook and gmail.

  75. Ian Lim says:

    Great site here! If you want to find all of the best VPN’s on the market compared to each other then you should check out

  76. A says:

    what if it is your website?
    I have no idea, but my website is blocked on my computer.
    i need to be able to access my site and not by a proxy server. it’s set up with ipage and wordpress
    yes, i can enter it with tor but i shouldn’t have to use tor

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