Monopoly City Streets Restarts: Grab New Streets First

Now is the time to buy streets on Monopoly City Streets, as the addictive game has been reset and restarted. A lot of new streets are up for grabs and new rules now ensure fair play.

Some of the key new rules which will make the game more interesting, ensure only active players stay in the game and there is low cheating are

1. Streets can be bought or sold only once per day – so now there can be no sudden inflation of prices and cheating via multiple accounts.

2. “For Sale” signs – now it is easy to find which new streets are available for purchase from the bank without negotiation and for instant buy.

3. Pay Tax – Only the first 5 streets that you own are tax-free. If you own more streets, the more tax you pay at the rate of 3% per street. So if you own 25 streets your tax will be 60%! Now people will choose and retain property which they actually need. So you will find more empty streets for sale now, making the game more interesting to attract new players.

4. Street Protection Gone – Streets will no longer be protected from hazards when they are included in negotiations.

5. Don’t play 2 weeks – Bank Gets ALL your streets – If there is not activity for 2 weeks on your account, your streets are gone. This is the best way to keep the game live and only keep active players into the game.

6 Login daily to get rent
– The best way to earn monopoly money is via rent. If you don’t login, your rent for the day is gone. This will really keep people active in the game and the negotiations will also proceed faster. Now people no longer wait for 1 week for the seller to accept or reject the deal due to inactivity – if they login, they see the deal.

What are you waiting for – rush out there and buy your streets before they are sold out. I missed 3 streets before as soon as I pressed buy, there is so much activity out there.

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