Real-time Stock Quotes on Google Finance

For anyone buying or selling shares on the stock market, profit and loss varies every second, and most share brokers charge their clients extra for a live stock market feed to help them make better decisions in securities transactions. Google today removed these hurdles and made real-time quotes for NASDAQ securities a reality on Google Finance .

This timely and accurate data and financial information will help those engaged in online share trading immensely. By providing more real-time data to investors, they can make informed and timely financial decisions.

Just visit the Google Finance page and you can find NASDAQ share prices changing live. There is no longer any delay or the need to keep refreshing the browser to track these stocks. Way to go Google.

I see similar live quotes on Yahoo! Finance too.

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  1. Real Time Stock Quotes says:

    Why not just go to the source? offers real-time stock quotes and they’re the one supplying that data to these other sites.

    I like to get my info straight from the horse’s mouth.

  2. derek says:

    Actually if you look on these sites they let you know that they are not “live” quotes. Their on 20 min delays. They appear live since they update by the second but they are doing this with 20 min old data. Both sites have disclaimers right under their graphs. yahoo (20 min) google(15 min)

  3. Best stock pick says:

    That’s true, go straight to Nasdaq and you won’t have to worry about it.

    The stock market is incredibly difficult to understand and grasp and the learning curve is steep but once conquered, it can prove to be very profitable. You now have a chance to ‘practice’ trading stock picks at all for free. Become a part of the community and learn from the best.

    Awesome widget indeed. Since we’re in the mood of sharing, I’d like to share with you a site that I’ve been using for a few months that has helped me quite a bit with backtesting my strategy with stock picks and stock quotes;

    They use grab data from Yahoo! Finance so it might be delayed for it’s a great place for newbies and also for advanced traders, wonderful place to learn and interact with the community.

  4. Personal Finance Bible says:

    Nowadays, stock markets are really hard to understand. It’s confusing for people who have less knowledge on stock market. Nasdaq is really a good site to learn more on stock market, i guess.

    Personal Finance Bible


  5. Rupam Guha says:

    Google do however provide a free exchange rates API, where they source rates under license from Citibank. The API works by passing currency details in the parameters to a web page.

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