Google Blocks Adsense Ads on WordPress Preview Pages

While writing WordPress blog articles, I was always concerned at the extra Google Adsense Impressions generated by WordPress preview pages. Now Google Adsense seems to have fixed that and I see no Google Adsense ads on any preview pages.

no adsense ads

Since preview urls look like this –

I guess it was not too difficult to block ads on preview pages.

Why is it good that they blocked Adsense ads on WordPress Preview pages – No false impressions inflating cost for CPM advertisers. No accidental clicks on your own Adsense ads. Google Adsense bot visits your final published page only for better targeting. No falsely raised ad page impressions, modifying your Adsense ad statistics reports.


  1. Arun Basil Lal says:

    Thats good thinking from Google. For some posts we have to preview things over and over and thats against the TOS. I think the TOS instructs not to refresh pages over and over.

    Now we can be safe!

  2. Nirmal says:

    I can still see ads on preview pages on my blog.

  3. Peter says:

    Yeah same for me, I still see ads in the preview.

  4. BloggerTinker says:

    But the important thing is that Google Adsense is displayed on a published post right? Just IMHO. ^_^

  5. Nirmal says:

    Well I think the ads are served from the javascript and not the URL, so everytime the scripts are called, I think it will display the ads.

  6. Kalai says:

    Hey..It is on. Did you tested well ?? Hope you did not.

    I will request this feature to Google AdSense Team.

  7. Simran says:

    I got public service ads when I try to preview my post on devilsworkshop.

  8. Change Your Life for Better says:

    Wow.. I was also thinking of the same thing. It is good that it was changed. How can we have ad benefit when one just previews the site. I think this plugin itself is not good because the person may avoid visiting the site if the preview does not look good.

  9. Joel says:

    Well maybe this is not officially working yet because I previewed my latest post a couple minutes ago and I saw the ads showing. Let see what happens the next time I preview my post.


  10. Eric says:

    I dont think google adsense will works better on wordpress platform than blogger one. so, sometimes, you receive error pages

  11. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Today we also see ads on the WordPress preview pages. We had tested this for 3 days on our blog and when no ads appeared for 3 consecutive days, we reported this.

    Anyway, I still want the Adsense team to stop showing ads on Preview pages.

  12. Boruch Siper says:

    It’s amazing to see how far wordpress has come. It’s probably the most used software for blogs. Good move by google.

    P.S. I see the ads on my preview pages. It must be a bug they have to fix.

  13. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Well you can check again as I am not seeing ads anymore on Preview pages for last 2 days.

  14. Technology blog says:

    Wow, It really helps in prevention of invalid page impressions. But Google still records impressions in blogger page. Do you have any idea how to stop that impressions.


  15. Anthony says:

    Recently shifted to wordpress and I must say it proved clear cut for my customization needs. The guys at google are obviously keeping up with happenings, and adsense has been a bench mark for advertisers.

  16. super affiliatez says:

    How do you really know if your google adsense are block?

  17. constantine says:

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  20. jaganmangat says:

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  22. gsalerts says:

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  24. John Jameson says:

    I think not the AdSense is the worst thing to block. There are other very irritating ads, like PoPups and others.

  25. John Jameson says:

    And don’t forget the surverys, I hate them… I have a website too, but I think there are other ways to monetize your site, better ways.

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