5 WordPress Plugins to Skyrocket Your Blog Comments

Use these 5 WordPress plugins to get more comments. Comments are an integral part if not the most important part of any blog. We write content for our readers and having their opinions, criticisms and suggestions can give the blogger feedback on a topic, and also add value to the post with their content.

I’ve always been a fan of blog comments. During the initial stages of my blog, I’ve experimented with several ways to boost blog comments and I found these plugins to dramatically increase comments on my blog.

force comments

1. DoFollow

DoFollow plugin removes the ‘NoFollow’ tag on your blog comments which means all links to the comment author on your blog will be followed. This plugin alone can effectively increase comments on your blog as long as you let your readers know you have done so.

With time, your blog would be added to DoFollow blog lists which would lead to a lot more comments on your blog and then it could become a little overwhelming. With the comment links followed the comment ‘username’ would usually be a keyword, if this doesn’t bother you it’s fine however you will notice comments that are apparently legit but are actually very unfruitful and meant just for the link.

While I’ve outlined the disadvantage in using the plugin above, it is still the most effective way to increase comments on your blog, so my advice, use DoFollow until you start to see a considerable amount of comments on a daily basis and then turn it off, this is what I did on my blog and while I still have commentators named ‘london hotels’, the comments are completely genuine and usually contributes to the topic efficiently as well. Don’t forget to let your readers know you have turned it off and remove the ‘this blog is dofollow’ sign if you had one before as you wouldn’t want your commentators to feel cheated.

2. Show Top Commentators Widget

Show Top Commentators Widget displays the commentators who have left most comments on your blog in a specified period of time on your sidebar. This plugin results in multiple comments from the same commentator and is very effective as well as the comments are usually very informative and helpful as well (notice I said ‘usually‘). The commentators are listed on the sidebar linked to the site used by the commentators when leaving the comment and is followed as well.

3. CommentLuv

CommentLuv plugin automatically displays a link to the last blog post of the commentator at the bottom of the comment by retrieving the first link from the feed in the ‘website’ field of the comment. This plugin gives exposure to the latest content of the commentator and would thus bring more comments to your blog.

4. WordPress Thread Comment


WordPress Thread Comment plugin allows you to reply to comments and thread them thus encouraging an interactive discussion on a blog post for example. This plugin seamlessly integrates into virtually any WordPress theme (I’ve tried it with around 5 themes and it worked perfectly). I’ve seen commentators reply to questions asked by other commentators and I believe it is mainly because the reply feature makes it so much more convenient to do so.

While comment threading is a native feature From WordPress 2.7, this plugin is a better option as it integrates into any theme but for the comment threading support via WordPress the theme needs to be compatible with the feature. Also, the Thread Comment plugin allows you to send an email to the commentator on receiving a reply, the email contents maybe fully customized as well, thus resulting in recurring visits from the commentator. Not to forget the completely AJAX interface.

5. IntenseDebate

intense debate

IntenseDebate plugin virtually transforms the comment section of your blog. From the same company that brings you WordPress, IntenseDebate allows you to have a very interactive discussion on your blog. From the description on the IntenseDebate website “IntenseDebate comments enhance and encourage conversation on your blog or website” and I think this is a very appropriate description.

Features include comment threading, reply-by-email, reputation points (Thumbs up/down), OpenID compatibility and a few other features as well. I used the IntenseDebate for a short period and noticed the slight improvement in comment quality and quantity however it didn’t have support for CommentLuv so I disabled it; later versions of CommentLuv has IntenseDebate support as well. I might consider using the plugin again however I am weary of switching back to IntenseDebate now as the nesting in the replies would be lost when switching to IntenseDebate.

The combination of all these plugins would guarantee a significant increase in comments on your blog, you might feel a bit insecure in terms of SEO of using the first two plugins however let me assure I use these plugins on my blog and still rank very high on the SERP’s for very competitive keywords.

Remember, it’s all about give and take so make sure you actively participate in comment discussions and reply all commentators where necessary.

Guest author Luqmaan Ameen is a blogger and software developer who blogs on Computer-Realm.net on all things computers and internet. You can follow Luqmaan on Twitter @ComputerRealm. You can also write a guest article and share your favorite tools. Image Credit: Bull3t


  1. srikanth says:

    I like IntenseDebate

    • Jasa Pembuatan Website says:

      same with me. I like to use intense debate, it is more flexible for people to reply any comment.

  2. Carrie Burrows says:

    Are these plug-ins compatible with one another?

  3. bisnis online says:

    I like to use intense debate, it is more flexible for people to reply any comment.

  4. Susan says:

    IntenseDebate is a great one…some of the comments on HuffingtonPost get pretty intense, but I think it greatly encourages readership and involvement

  5. Chris says:

    I just added IntenseDebate after reading this article, thanks for the tip.

  6. alfon says:

    i use that plugin into my blog .. well it works nice

  7. Domain Appraisal says:

    I agree with you that comments are not always a fun. so I used to plugin into my site.

  8. Logo Mats says:

    Great info and I will install some of these plugins into my own blog. Thanks.

  9. Mrs. Accountability says:

    I’m using WordPress Thread Comment and really like it; however, I have been unable to get the email option to work. If I understand correctly, the person I’m replying to should get the reply by email, right? It doesn’t happen, and I’ve gone through the settings and I’m pretty sure I have everything correct. There didn’t seem to be much support for the plug-in, at least not that I could find. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  10. Kelvin29 says:

    This still took me way too long. ,

  11. Stinky60 says:

    User-mode processes cannot be trusted. ,

  12. erdek says:

    i use that plugin into my blog .. well it works nice thank you

  13. Darvin @ Discount Yoga Mats says:

    I use all of them except the Intensedebate one. I had never heard of it, but after checking out the site, I’m going to test it out on one of my blogs.


  14. Forbrukslån says:

    First of all: I think it`s kinda incredible that people make their blog nofollow. Off course, if you`re site is good enough it will draw people anyway, but you will get heaps of traffic if you give the people something for visiting – like a link. And the comments you get doesn`t have to have poor quality just because of this. I would know, I have dofollow and commentluv on all my sites. Works like a charm. Man, I just luuuv commentluv and keywordluv!

  15. Boardwalk @ Yoga and Weight Loss says:

    Yeah I don’t understand why people make their blogs nofollow either. My guess is that people think that having the links of otherson their blog will in some way reduce their “link juice” and hurt their rankings, but I think it’s quite the opposite net effect.

  16. Darvin @ Discount Yoga Mats says:

    I’ve heard people offer up the “link juice” drain theory, but I haven’t seen it happen to me yet. It’s actually been quite the contrary. As was explained to me, the search engines generally sees comments as new original content, so in the end you get a boost to your site.

  17. James Simpson says:

    Hey, This is a good thread. I found you on google. Keep up the work.

  18. mike@DJ Production says:

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  19. watch eclipse online says:

    Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be down… Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my post if you do!


  20. Jennifer @ shesafitchick.com says:

    I can’t get the WordPress Thread Comment to work on my Thesis site. What am I missing?!

  21. Gustavo says:

    Hi, thanks for the useful tips. One question though. I've added many of these plug -ins but I'm not getting email notices every time a new comment is posted anymore (I've checked the settings in WordPress /settings/discussion and that option is checked). Anything I need to modify on the settings on the plug-ins?
    thanks, Gustavo

  22. usaha bisnis says:

    That is useful for me to optimize my blog. Thanks for sharing. “Blogger Jepara”

  23. Worlds Headlines says:

    Thanks for sharing the plugins. All are important for me. I bookmarked your post.

  24. stock market says:

    I never intended for Comment Luv to get so big, it was supposed to be a simple plugin!Have you gotten any donations from comluv users for all the work. And if you have the Commentate plug in installed on your own site.

  25. Fairy Fantasy Art says:

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  26. Mike D. says:

    Great list, added a few and discarded a few, overall still a good list.

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