10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Which are the must-have WordPress plugins? As a blogger, I have spent months of my life researching all sorts of different WordPress plugins. To tell you the truth – I still do to this day. From Social Bookmarking to SEO to Security, I have installed, deactivated, and removed hundreds of plugins throughout my blogging career.

This being my first guest post here on QOT, I wanted to share some REALLY useful insights. I have decided to present you with a list of the Top 10 Must-Have WordPress plugins a starting WordPress Blog can’t do without.

Best WordPress plugins

1. All In One SEO Pack – An essential plugin for any blogger who’s interested in conducting on-page SEO. All In SEO Pack provides jillions of options but for the majority of bloggers (including me), the default ones are more than enough. All In One SEO Pack allows tweaking Meta Titles, Descriptions, and Tags of your blog without changing the content. The plugin comes in handy whenever you come up with a catchy title but it doesn’t include your targeted keyword. Just stick another Title into the SEO module and the search engines will never know how creative and sneaky you really are. The plugin also protects your blog from violating Google’s Duplicate Content – a violation that seems to be a major problem these days. With Google becoming more uptight by the hour, I recommend installing this plugin just in case.

2. Comment Luv – Comments are a way for your readers to show love for you and your blog. Comment Luv enables you to show some love in return straight away by including a titled link to their last blog post or tweet at the end of their comment. The technical details are not important – what’s important is the fact that this plugin drastically increases user interaction on your blog. People are happy to comment if they know that they are getting extra exposure in return.

3. Popularity Contest – This plugin helps to see which posts are the most popular by evaluating views, comments, impressions, etc. All posts are tracked and given configurable point values to determine popularity. Popularity Contest allows you to determine the popularity between dates as well. You can create sidebar widgets with the most popular posts this year, this month, this week, etc.

4. TweetMeMe – The Easy ReTweet Button. Using TweetMeMe drastically increases your blog’s chance of going viral on Twitter. This plugin optimizes the ReTweeting process to a single click, which makes it much more attractive to your readers.

5. Yet Another Related Post Plugin – YARPP provides a list of posts and/or pages related or similar to the current post/page introducing the reader to other relevant content on your site. This plugin utterly improves the click-through rates and blog navigation by simply giving the reader more of what he wants.

6. WP Super Cache – WP Super Cache makes your blog load faster. Why wouldn’t you want to download and install this plugin?

7. Smart Update Pinger – The plugin protects your blog from over-pinging by pinging only when you publish a new post – not when editing. I wish I could say more about it, but I can’t. It’s just a great security plugin, that’s all.

8. Redirection – Often, bad SEO is caused by broken links and indexing problems. Redirection enables you to prevent Google Bots and Yahoo Spiders from locking themselves in a loop. This plugin improves your site indexing and navigation by allowing you to create simple 301 redirects in order to avoid those pesky indexing problems.

9. Contact Form 7 – Every major blog has a contact form. They used this plugin to create it.

10. Sexy Bookmarks – The sexiest sharing plugin for your WordPress blog. I haven’t yet found a sharing plugin that can top the looks of Sexy Bookmarks. Sure, there are plenty of alternatives and some of them are probably much better than Sexy Bookmarks, but unlike any other, this plugin actually makes you WANT to share.

Guest author Igor Kheifets is a 21-year-old internet marketing expert. Igor blogs at IgorHelpsYouSucceed.com where he shares advanced strategies in SEO, Copywriting, Lead Generation, and Social Media. Follow Igor on Twitter. Become a fan on Facebook.

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