Attract Twitter Followers with Twitter Tattoo Socks, Stockings

I stumbled upon this cool way girls can attract more Twitter followers – wear Twitter Tattoo Socks, Tights and Stockings!

twitter stockings

These fashionable socks, tights and stockings are semi-transparent, look natural, blend perfectly with the natural skin tone, and are available in 4 body color shades. The printed “Follow Me” Twitter text gives the appearance of a black tattoo on the leg and since the design is printed on the side of one leg only – you can rotate the stocking, and the tattoo can change position on the same leg, or wear it on the other leg.

Now isn’t that an interesting way to attract new Twitter followers! No wonder the manufacturer likes to call them Twitter Stalkings and they are selling out on Etsy here and here. (Disclosure: No financial interest)

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