Follow 15 Top Bollywood Actors on Twitter

Follow the biggest bollywood actors and celebrities caught by the Twitter bug. Here is a list of the 15 popular Bollywood actors with real official Twitter accounts and  actively tweeting on Twitter (in no specific order). Follow the bollywood actors twitter list to follow them all in 1 click.

Shahrukh Khan – Twitter Bio: none.

so goodnite my friends and pray that all of us have an imperfect life full of happiness…cos perfection is unattainable..happiness is easy. about 17 hours ago

Shahid Kapoor – Twitter Bio: Actor – Indian Film Industry

so today is radio day visitin all radio stations startin nw ….. with a lovely soar throat so plz b kind enough to ignore about 6 hours ago

Farhan Akhtar – Twitter Bio: The story of a lovable loser Karthik whose life changes with the help of someone who also claims to be Karthik.

Hotel room. 17″ macbook pro. Brain teeming with concepts, stories and dialogue. I love movies! about 9 hours ago

Vivek Oberoi – Twitter Bio: Bollywood Actor

Just wrapped the shoot! Was soooo much fun! Had lunch with akki bhaiyya who was shooting 4patiala house at mehboob studios-love the man! about 5 hours ago

Akshay Kumar – Twitter Bio: none.

Back to work after spending some quality time with family. Though we’re already over ten days into the new year,… 11:24 AM Jan 11th

Riteish Deshmukh – Twitter Bio: Actor, architect

Good morning guys. Have to do a shoot for a news paper.The bad part is I hate photo shoots n d good part is, its at home. about 14 hours ago

Uday Chopra –  Twitter Bio: Passion…Insanity and the need to be Weird!!! thats who I am…

My thought for today is…aaaaaaarrrrghhhhhhh!!! It’s the way to be about 1 hour ago

Anupam Kher – Twitter Bio: actor/teacher

Going to take a class at my acting school. I love teaching and interacting with students.It keeps me alive as an actor. I get to learn more. 8:42 AM Jan 11th

Dino Morea Twitter Bio: Actor, working in the indian film industry, better known as Bollywood.

hey if youll see funny stuff too, send it to me, will retweet and share.. lets have some fun.. 15 minutes ago

Abhishek Bachchan – Twitter Bio: Actor…….. well at least some say so!

It appears that I also happen to be a back seat pilot!! Wouldn’t stop asking the pilot questions. Too much coffee will do that to you. about 12 hours ago

Fardeen Khan – Twitter Bio: Make each day count, Time has no feelings and waits for no one. Cheers.

thank you all for your feed back on DMG. have not been able to respond to all but thank you again about 6 hours ago

Imran Khan – Twitter Bio: Actor

Kind of getting sick of the people messaging me saying I only reply to stars, or I don’t reply. Try looking at my page and see who I talk to about 10 hours ago

Ranganathan Madhavan –  Twitter Bio: hey folks…welcome to my den.

Back to “Kaamchi” Mumbai…back to reality. about 23 hours ago

Karan Johar – Twitter Bio: None

Silence is such a beautiful way of communicating….wonder why people opt for weighty words when silence can do all the talking…. about 3 hours ago

Neil Nitin Mukesh – Twitter Bio: 27 yrs

The segway is one machine I carry for my shoot always. Along with it being practical its hell lot of fun :) about 2 hours ago

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Great news that bollywood actors are using twitter but it is common, simply they want to fame.

  2. Andrew @ says:

    I like what Shahrukh Khan said; “perfection is unattainable..happiness is easy.” This is really true. And to add, the things that give you happiness are those things that cannot be bought.

  3. reemi says:

    Great news that bollywood actors are using twitter …

  4. Tanna Riddhi says:

    New joinee ont the twitter bandwagon!
    Actor nikhil dwivedi

  5. kavita @ Bollywood Lyrics says:

    it’s a great way to know that what they do in their daily life.

  6. shubham kumar says:

    It is one of the best enjoying life in bollywood.Its like a home of dreams.I feel SHAHRUKH KHAN is best actor of all the other people in bollywood.

  7. kaxil @ Song Lyrics says:

    SRK Rocks.. he is the king of bollywood…..

  8. Samiullah Afghan says:

    East or west Amir Khan is the Best my favorite actor @ Bollywood

  9. ImranKhanLuver says:

    It’s sad Imran deactivated his account! Im a bigggg fan of him! I’m not gonna get on twitter until he comes bac on again! hopefully he does! I LOVE YOU IMRAN!! FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!! UNTIL MY FINAL BREATHE!!!! <3

  10. ahmed djok ovic says:

    Welcome Shahrukh represented in the film soon

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