How to Build a Silent Fellowship with Your Blog Visitors

Guest post by Hammad.
This post is about two views on following a blog or subscribing a RSS feed for any blog. These two views are presented as one to let you understand how it really feels as reader of your blogger and how you can easily fulfill initial expectation of people following you and your blog.

Being a blogger or website owner, we always try to get more followers and subscribers. These followers could be quite easy to get on board (following your blog) but could be quite hard to retain.

So for this purpose you should give your attention to following things.

Content – We always read and say content is King which helps you gaining more traffic, subscribers etc. Besides this the unique content should also be presented in an easy conceivable, readable way to your visitors. In short presentation of your content makes your content a real crowned King.

Consistency – Presume you have got 100 followers attracted by some of your content. Out of these 100 people many will come back and check your blog feed for updated content of their interest and if you fail to satisfy them they won’t stick with your blog for so long. So a blog should be consistent in providing content to a targeted niche.

Communication – Followers are like a community which can be represented by class fellows, who meet daily, talk, laugh and so communicate about many things. Once you stop replying to them or stop taking their calls they will do same.

Reason of this example is to let you understand if a person comments on your post, or asks a question via email – you should be helping and responsive. This behavior makes some loyal followers and visitors just like friends.

Appeal – Make your blog attractive by simply following a rule ‘First impression is the last impression’ (which is hard to change for so long). In short- our blog should look professional, nicely designed, appropriate font and colors, proper placing of adverts, etc.

Moral Value – Give credit if your article is inspired from somewhere else or at-least mentioning a source, even sharing the original thought that made you write a post, could be quite helpful building a good readership.

Attitude – Bloggers are nowadays social natives, residing on popular social networks for couple of reasons. In this regard a blogger should be polite, humble and helping instead of non-friendly and adopting rude ways of replying such as ignoring.

Hope these tips will help you build a good follower base and some loyal readers leading to an ideal blogging experience.

Guest author Hammad Memon (3rdbrain) writes about simple tech stuff on You can be reach him on @3rdBrain. You can also write a guest article and share your thoughts.


  1. Jason says:

    Great tips interaction with your Blog visitors is a key to your success for repeat visitors. Content should be updated daily I try to update my content on a daily basis for my work at home blog. At least 1 new post per day, preferably 2 or 3 if time allows. Good tips, thanks!

  2. Altaf Sayani says:

    Great tips.

    Every blogger should develop two way communications with users.

  3. Harshad says:

    As a blogger, we should always develop this habit of building the relationship with our readers. If you give importance to them, they will come back again on your blog. You have mentioned some interesting points which can really help build strong relationship with visitors of the blog.

  4. Owaeis says:

    OMG! Such an awesome list! This is the first time I’ve seen such a great combination of a list and an how-to! You guys rock!

  5. Andrew @ says:

    I agree that one should also worry about how content is also presented. Even if you have a great topic but is not presented in a proper manner it will loose it’s magnetism.

  6. RCC Hume Pipe says:

    I have also found that one can get more participation (on an interesting topic ofcourse) if the blog leaves an open question to the readers or the blogger invites discussion as opposed to simply putting his/her points of view.

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