5 Ways to Get Your Blog Indexed by Google in 24 Hours

Get your blog indexed by Google in 24 hours! There is a lot of conflicting search engine optimization information available, especially when it comes to trying to beat the natural ranking systems and having your blog rank high in Google right from the start.  While it’s possible to make a blog and have it indexed almost straight away, most people go about doing so with a poor overall strategy for success.

Ranking high on Google requires long-term thinking, and going out to win everything in the first day will often see you wasting time and opportunity without getting anything in return. However, it’s very much possible to be indexed by Google in 24 hours or less.


1: Submit your blog to Google

You’ve got to submit your new blog to Google before it can be indexed. Some free blogging platforms will submit your blog for free, while others, especially self-hosted blogging platforms, require you to do it yourself. Either way, it’s an easy 5-minute job that can be done alongside other, more time consuming tasks.

Use the Google webmasters tools to verify your site at google.com/webmasters. Add your blog site by clicking the “Add a site” button. Then type in the domain name you wish to add, and click “Continue”. You will need to verify that you own this siteby adding a Meta Tag or Uploading a HTML file to your server root. After verifying, Google will display a confirmation page.

2: Submit your blog Sitemap to Google

If you are using WordPress, install the Google XML sitemap plugin that creates a sitemap of your blog that search engines can read. You now want to add your blog’s sitemap to the Google Webmaster tools. Click on “Site Configuration” and then “Sitemaps” > “Submit a Sitemap” and enter the name of your sitemap.xml. 

It will take a few hours for the sitemaps to be analyzed and added. Then you can return here and make sure there are no errors, see how many URLs are being indexed and the time that Google last visited you. Even without the sitemap you will begin to get a list of the top search queries that your site is being found for, incoming links to your site, and the keywords that Google thinks your site is optimized for.

By verifying your site and adding your blog’s sitemap, you are telling Google your blog has arrived and it will quickly be indexed.

3: Use social bookmarking to generate links right away

Social bookmarking services are a great way to generate links to your new blog in record time. From simple community bookmarking websites to the giants of the web, submitting your website to social bookmarking services like StumbleUpon, Digg and Twitter can help you generate powerful, natural linkbacks. Log on and “favorite” your blog, and be sure to encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.

4: Post on forums

Get your blog link in your forum signature and start posting it on as many forums as you can. Of course, spamming is never a good long-term idea, but some smart, relevant forum posts are a great way to bring in new SEO juice and links for your new blog. For some reason, Google tends to prioritize websites that are generating links already, so get out there and create as many as you possibly can for your new blog.

5: Install SEO plugins

Most blogs will come with a SEO plugin preloaded like WP-SuperCache or All in One SEO or Yoast SEO plugins. Search engine optimization is essential for generating blog traffic, and without putting time and thought into your SEO efforts it’s easy to lose what could be a great opportunity. Even though we’re focusing on short-term SEO speed, it’s good to think long-term right from the beginning.

Five ideas that take hardly any time will ensure you get you new blog seen and indexed by Google within 24 hours.

Guest author Andrew Rondeau is the author of the free guide called ‘Income Blogging Guide’ and available at webuildyourblog.com.


  1. Om says:

    Hi, great article – actually i need some help at this moment, because i am extremely frustrated with the fact that one of my sub-domain is NOT getting INDEXED since past 1month…

    I’ve my site – om-nanya.com & i started an autoblog – autoblog.om-nanya.com about couple of months back… I’ve done ezine submissions, posted in numerous forums, built back-links, submitted my blog to Google, digg, buzz.yahoo, delicious, stumble but no use…

    It has 28unique posts – it showed probs with robots.txt file – i never had one, so i created one & gave full access to Adsense and Googlebot crawlers… yet no success

    Can you check this sub-domain & predict what’s possibly wrong – ?

    FYI: Adsense is showing public service ads!! Damn…

    • Serena says:

      I can’t figure out why I was automatically indexed and can successfully search my shetrekkers.wordpress.com site but my shetrekkers.blogspot.com site won’t come up even when I put the complete address in google search. I have added it to the index, spammed other posts, and enabled my site feed. I also added it on Facebook and have the name plastered everywhere. I just don’t get it. How can the one company who creates blogger not index it as easily as wordpress. I would use wordpress if it were more user-friendly…I just get frustrated using it!! Blogger is so easy to use.
      Anyway…help…I don’t want to be stuck with wordpress!!

  2. Om says:

    Hey awesome… can’t believe i re-visited my robots.txt file & now all my pages are getting crawled… plz ignore the prev comment :)

    Thanks for the info though…


  3. WordPressGuy says:

    Is it really so fast? Within one day? My experience does not says so!

    Although it helps. But not so fast.

    • Andrew @ Blogging Guide says:


      Followin what I mention in the post, some of my new blog posts get indexed within just a few hours – 24 hours maximum, nowadays.


      • Hesham @ FamousBloggers says:

        Hey Andrew,
        I got some of my posts indexed between 7 minutes and 1 hour these days, today my post got indexed in 7 minutes! I have no idea why this differences on time, but it’s find if as it’s not taking the whole day.

        nice post!

        • Andrew @ Blogging Guide says:


          That’s fast!


          • Sourish Nath says:

            I went through your seo optimized blog sometime back while googling. Good to see your article here. You have a very nice keyword there i your domain. I just like it ,a well organized neat blog. On your Foot steps.


  4. Andrew @ Blogging Guide says:


    Thanks for those kinds words – I wish you all the success…good luck.


  5. Gokhiel says:

    Its depend on your domain age also, in my experiences, my site can indexed by google just in a few minute after posting

  6. best laptop reviews says:

    i was doing this tips long time ago, but why my site: laptoplink.org didn’t index by google until now,

    this tips is working very well with my other site,

    can anyone help me???


  7. ScoreInTheBox says:

    I posted a question on digitalpoint forum then I tried to do some googling before my question is answered. Unbelievably, I found my own question my google in less than a couple of minutes.

  8. Sophie Perrone says:

    First of all Thank you, and the most important thing is, I was very worried as my website was taking too long to be indexed, I have been looking for number of resources on how to get my site indexed fast and that is when I landed over your web page, I tried everything you said above, and it got indexed in less than 6-hours :)
    Thank you

  9. Charles Taylor says:

    most social bookmarking sites are nofollow so dunno if that helps anymore.

  10. Rita sunderland says:

    Gosh Finaly I see the perfect steps with the help! I’m dealing with my blog – it has more then 4800 visits BUT all of the visits came not from Google !!! Now I hope this will work !!

  11. George says:

    Thanks for the 5 tips in getting blog indexed i am trying to find out why some pages in the blog are indexed and others are not.

  12. Linda says:

    Adding it to blog communities helps and most are free Mybloglog, Blogcatalog, Blogged,and Networkedblogged are good ones. Make sure to describe your blog properly and include relevant keywords and tags

  13. Loan Modification Processing says:

    Do we need to submit sitemap to Google after every blog post?

  14. Vinny says:

    ha ha indexed in 24 hours? 5 steps? how about indexed in 10 seconds. Maximum 1 minute thats my results. :-)

  15. hiron says:

    Thats some cool tips I heard first through this post.Indexing in google is really easy now.

  16. Chica says:

    Thanks for the tips. There always seems like there is more to learn about optimization of a site. And Vinny, if I can get my site optimized in 1 minute, well, I would feel all powerful! Ha!

    Good Luck and Thanks,


  17. Sinite says:

    please tell me one thing that my vbulletin forum running vbSEO Tool but it is not working correctly or not submiting current links to google what to do? is really need to create new sitemap and submit again to google after new post???

  18. leo says:

    hi thanks that’s nice tips,, really helpful

    keep up the goodwork!!!

  19. Dean says:

    I thought it would be hard but!! I followed the google webmaster tools instructions and that was it (“,)

  20. Leeds Daily Photo says:

    Thanks, nice info. Just signed up to google and uploaded sitemap, now for those social bookmarks. I love google and how thanks to sites like this one I can learn simple ways to make things work. Thanks again. Paul

  21. Carla says:

    Awesome tips! I’ve been trying to figure out how to index my site on Google for the longest!. Thanks so much :)

  22. Nita says:

    I have a new website. I added the website to webmasters and hope that it works. Thanks for the suggestion.
    My site has not been indexed yet. I am on blogspot and it upsets me when people say that WP does it all automatically! I have a wp blog too and notice that the posts there get indexed automatically.

  23. Klaus Janssen says:

    Most of the time it takes more then 24 hours. But if it takes more then a week you are doing something wrong.

  24. Emily says:

    I was getting indexed quickly but that all stopped in October. I’m now floundering for ideas.
    Having heard a rumour google is now planning to buy the biggest merchant on this site I’m wondering if the two are related…

  25. George James says:

    I just got indexed too! It works fast!

  26. mal says:

    this is great info what i’m searching ..
    thanks for this.
    i will take note. :-)

  27. LCD TV Prices In India says:

    Hi Andrew!
    I need some help…
    Actually i submitted my site to google and got indexed… But i have some nearly 100 posts on my blog.
    When i type site:lcdtvpricesinindia.info i get to see only about 5 to 6 url indexed. I submitted my sitemap to google webmastertool about 2 to 3 days back. I am not getting my posts indexed.

    So please help me… I want to get my posts indexed…

    Thanks in advance…

  28. Abhishek Madan says:

    Its been 2-3 days since i submitted my blog but its still not indexed, will follow your advice and see if it gets indexed faster. thanks a lot

  29. Justin says:

    The All in One SEO is the only plugin that ive had any success with on my wp sites. love it!

  30. Web Services says:

    Ping sites can be used to invite bots..

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