How to Measure Twitter Marketing Success

Sometimes it is difficult to measure success of your marketing efforts in emerging media like Twitter. It is tough to understand what’s working and what’s not working. But for Twitter, there are tools available to measure how your marketing efforts are performing. This article explores different ways to measure Twitter success.

What to Measure for Twitter Marketing?

Before getting started, you need to have a marketing plan determining what is important to your business or organization and how to justify the success. Your organization needs to define success based on its objectives.

For example, Dell uses Twitter as a communication tool to inform their audiences about Twitter exclusive offers and discounts. For Dell, it is the number of users purchasing the discounted products via Twitter channel that they track and count. It is important to find how many Twitter users are actually clicking the link leading to sales page, how many are actually entering the coupon code and purchasing.

Another good example is that of Barack Obama’s Twitter account. He launched his account during his 2008 presidential campaign to reach as many people as possible and spread his message. In this case, it is the total number of followers and how many times @BarackObama’s tweets were retweeted, that tells the success of the campaign.

So first list those goals. All the goals may not be measurable. But most of them will be. Once you list down the goals, the next step is to hunt for reliable tools to measure success.

twInfluence: Using this tool, marketers can track how many of their followers are actually listening to their messages. It helps to track the rate at which your campaign is growing among other metrics.

Twitalyzer: This is another tool that analyzes your Twitter account popularity and how many times your messages are being referred to. This tool also lets you tie into Google analytics. Logging into Analytics account, you can track all the information about the traffic that is redirected from Twitter.

TweetEffect: Using this tool, you can find how many people are responding and reacting to your posts. This helps you identify what is and what isn’t resonating with your followers.

While using these tools, one should note that these tools are using Twitter API to pull the data for accuracy and relevance. This can affect the value of the metrics campaign. Even if the numbers may not be entirely accurate, they will provide a good idea of the growing trends and interests of people in your industry.

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