5 Blogging Tools for the Ultra Blogger

Do you know which blogging tools are used by Ultra Bloggers? As with all trades and professions you are only as good as the tools you use. Bloggers love to blog and all that other stuff you get caught up in, which at times can be quite interesting, is ultimately taking time from you and your passion.

While not an exhaustive list, the tools that follow will dramatically increase your productivity and return you to blogging zen… that is if you don’t already use them.

1. Evernote – Organised Inspiration


Evernote is a great web clipping tool but it’s more than that. Now with an iphone app and desktop application (and more) Evernote is quickly turning into a life clipper or inspiration clicker in this context.

2. Posterous – Blog by Email


Start a blog on posterous.com and start blogging by email. It’s incredibly simple to use and the best part is it will syndicate your posts to a multitude of different services.

3. Twitme – Auto Tweet


Why Twitme? First of all you need a way to get your latest blog posts with a link onto your twitter account. There’s no need to waste time signing into twitter and writing it up yourself when there’s a tool like Twitme for WordPress.

The reason I choose Twitme and not other Twitter related WordPress plugins is beacuase of its flexibility. With most other plugins you have to append a prefix to your tweets so all that time spent crafting an eye catching headline is ruined. Now you can structure the tweets anyway you want, so you can have the post title in there, the blog name, the link in whatever order you want.

4. Dropbox – Synchronise


This one’s simple. What DropBox does is upload anything you … err… drop into it onto its servers for you to access online. More than that if you install Dropbox on multiple computers it will sync documents between them, so you will always have access to you latest draft posts and articles wherever you are. With a massive 2 Gb of free storage when you signup, Dropbox is a real no brainer.

5. CreaWriter- Distraction-free Writing

Now for some writing. CreaWriter allows you to focus in on your thoughts with its back to basics and ad free environment – you can get your writing done in no time. With so many distractions on the internet nowadays, CreaWriter will help you get in the zone, it’s quick and easy and you can always add that fancy text in later.

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