What is a LinkedIn LION?

What is a LinkedIn LION? I’ve been in social media for quite awhile, so it’s quite funny that as often as I’ve logged into the social networking site LinkedIn – I’ve never bothered to ask the question regarding what a “Lion” is. Lion can be found in the descriptions for hundreds if not thousands of users on the social networking site.

What does LION mean on LinkedIn?

LionsLion simply means: LinkedIn Open Networker. It’s basically a philosophy, that if you connect with me, I’ll connect with you and together we can help each other gain wider reach.

It’s similar to twitter programs that auto-follow users, and directories where users can follow people who autofollow other people. I think with Twitter it definitely can be limiting if you follow too many people, after all a lot of pointless noise is created by following so many people. Yet, that’s the nature of twitter – it’s a noise machine.

Linkedin on the other hand is about networking with business owners, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and professionals from all walks of life. Each connection via LinkedIn could be said to have more substance. For one thing, professionals tend to think before they post content, and only say something when it’s important to their audience or prospects.

How to become a LinkedIn LION?

Simple: Just throw LION in your description or username – so when people search for ‘lions’ they can find you. Also be open to accepting connections with perfect strangers. Think of it this way – these strangers could be your future boss, coworkers, sales, or business partners.

In business every relationship is valuable, it’s good etiquette as a LION to not report people who connect with you, and to not choose ‘I don’t know’ when you get a connection notification. These can sometimes hinder people who are looking to connect, and cause problems for them – if you don’t want to connect with someone just ignore the connection instead of responding with IDK.

There’s also a number of groups on linked in devoted to being a LION. Feel free to join these to chat with others who share this philosophy of open networking. Two popular ones are: TopLinked.com (Open Networkers), and The New Lions. Whether you decide to become a LION or not – at least now you will know what it means to be a LION, next time you’re browsing the people directory on LinkedIN.

Guest author Patrick Curl is a proud LION (Open Networker), social media consultant, entrepreneur, and blogger at PatrickCurl.com. Feel free to connect with him on Linkedin – and don’t worry he accepts ALL connections! Image credits to fanz under CC license.  

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