The Simple Secret to Become a Top 10 Blog

Why do top 10 blogs in the world get tons of site traffic for search engines? Does your blog have the potential to be a Technorati top 10 blog?  Did you know these blogs post an average of 50 posts per day while most of us are struggling to make a few post a week!

Top Blogs Publish Much More

ViperChill analyzed top 10 technorati sites (like HuffingtonPost, TechCrunch, Mashable, Gizmodo, Engadget, Gawker, Boing Boing, The Corner, Hot Air, TMZ) and studied the site age, number of posts, post words, and traffic rank. They say the most Daily Posts are done by Huffington Post at 193 posts per day, with an average Daily Post rate of 55.2 per day by these 10 blogs. And these are stats of weekdays when blogs publish more posts. See the chart below.

Daily blog posts

So you probably know that? Lets look at in depth.

Lets consider this hypothetical example of an average blogger who publishes 1 great post per day, relaxes on Sunday – this gets him around 300 articles over the year. If his blog is 5 years old, he should get around 1500 articles online. Now a top 10 blog publishes 50 posts per day, and to a lesser extent on Sunday also  – they end up with something under 1500 articles per month. So what they published in 1 month, you published in 5 years.

In 5 years, a top 10 blog  published 90,000 articles while an average blogger got 1500 posts!

Become a Top Blog

So what if they publish more articles? We are all aware that more the unique posts, more the entry points for search engines to index and rank the content. So top blogs will definitely get more traffic from its thousands of indexed pages than you will. Agreed all these pages won’t rank well, but in this era of long tail traffic, mini traffic from thousands of pages add up to become a considerable percentage of major traffic for these blogs.

Can you publish 50 posts per day? It is impossible for an individual blogger to churn out 50 quality articles everyday. Where can you find the content worth of 50 articles? This is why most tops blogs post more news-y stories.

But you can also publish news stories? It’s all about who can push the news out first. If a top blog gets the news out first, and everyone already knows about it, most bloggers will link to them and not stale news which you retitle, rehash and republish after a few hours.  So the key is they can push the breaking content faster, and get all the backlinks quicker. That gives them higher pagerank and authority, which will place their articles higher in search results.

Why can’t you publish content faster? Fast story publishing requires people who can track news from thousands of sources,  identify newsworthy content, write out the articles with some different viewpoint and push the content before anyone else. This requires a team of editors, reviewers, copywriters, bloggers, and SEO experts. Which means you need to hire people, get office space and have money to pay salaries.

Of course you also develop a way to get sustainable funds via advertising for example, which comes easy when you flash your huge traffic numbers. Thus, they keep getting bigger and better and into Google news, which gives more traffic, while the individual blogger will not get accepted.

Moreover, top blogs optimize their content much better e.g. Huffington Post applies A/B testing to its headlines, which means readers are presented one of two headlines for the same story. After five minutes,  the one with the most clicks becomes the final headline. And with a whole team of SEO experts optimizing the keywords and text, and social media experts developing the community brand, the same articles tops the search rankings…

And why not ... They have higher PR, publish quality content much faster, have high authority and trust, with thousands of people commenting, sharing on social media, and linking back to the articles … and the secret to starting it all was writing more articles!

Do you think you can become a top 10 blog? Simply publish more…

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About the Author: P Chandra is editor of QOT, one of India's earliest tech bloggers since 2004. A tech enthusiast with expertise in coding, WordPress, web tools, SEO and DIY hacks.