10 Useful WordPress Plugins for Blog Marketing

Guest post by Laurah. Which are the best WordPress Plugins for Blog Marketing? With easy-to-use programs like WordPress, everyone is writing a professional-looking blog these days. Fortunately, even though the blogosphere is crowded, it’s still easy to stand out from the masses.

Not everyone is committed to intelligent marketing, so by investing time in optimizing your posts for search engines, and making it easy for readers to share your posts with their own networks, you’ll be far ahead of the crowds in terms of readers and a growing subscription list.

Intelligent marketing doesn’t take a background in rocket science. The following plugins from WordPress will get you started in driving traffic to your site with a just a few simple downloads…and, of course, the persistence to follow through on using them!

Blog Marketing WordPress Plugins

  1. Word of Mouth Marketing: When you find something amazing online, you want to tell a friend, right?  Simplify the word-of-mouth process for your readers, and gather new subscribers, with this useful plugin. It automatically inserts a link to your posts, so your reader can spread the word with just a few clicks.
  2. Greg’s High Performance SEO Plugin: Drive traffic to your blog by making sure it comes up on major search engines. This plugin lets you configure up to 100 SEO characteristics in five significant areas, including the main title, secondary title, and even comments.
  3. OptinPop: Popup windows don’t have to drive your readers crazy. By selecting the content you want to pop, and timing when it pops, you can use them to build your subscriber list or promote a new product. OptinPop gives you full creative control, ensuring that the popup delivers the message you want, when you want it.
  4. Bookmarkify: Turn your readers into cheerleaders by giving them a tool to promote your blog.  Bookmarkify lets you put social bookmarks in your post, customized to match the design and font of your blog.
  5. Facebook Like for Marketers: Recruit new readers to your blog by adding a Facebook “like” function to your website. Each time your post is “liked,” the plugin posts a message to the reader’s Facebook page, promoting your blog to a new audience.
  6. Arkayne Marketing Plugin: This plugin is a complete marketing tool, allowing you to track the success of SEO keywords, tweet about your posts, and more from a simple dashboard. Check out the short video for a convincing case on how Arkayne will help you achieve blogging greatness.
  7. Digg WordPress Plugin: When your site receives a Digg, this plugin automatically adds a link to your blog taking readers to the Digg post, maximizing your chances that the Digg will create a snowball effect.
  8. Nuconomy Insights: Continuously improve your blog with this plugin that “learns”. Select a goal for your blog (increase comments, traffic, etc.) and the plugin will prompt you with specific instructions on how to maximize your digital assets to achieve it, based on detailed analysis of reader interactions with your site.
  9. WPMarketer: The benefits of marketing can be great, but you won’t know what marketing channels to invest in unless you track the returns of each one. WPMarketer allows you to easily manage your affiliate marketing links, and track Google adwords conversions, so you know for sure when you’re on the road to success.
  10. JetMails: Would you like to send a professional-looking promotion or newsletter to your subscriber list? How about if you didn’t have to edit even one line of code? JetMails makes it possible, with a plugin allowing you complete control over the content you send, and when you send it.

Guest blogger Laurah Hagen is a writer on Guide to Online Schools. You can also share your WordPress tips and guestblog here.

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