5 Unethical Marketing Practices You Must Avoid

Do you engage in Unethical Marketing Practices? Many people come online with hopes of making it big, they think the internet is a place to get rich quick and they often don’t know that it takes hard work to make money online.

Many people engage in a lot of unethical marketing practices unknown to them; this post will be talking about 5 unethical marketing practices you must not practice.

unethical marketing

1. Don’t Force Your Customers to Buy

Many marketers will release a product and all they will be trying to do is to force their readers into buying. They are the ones with the sales page shouting above everything and that is where you will see them saying ‘if you don’t buy this then you will remain in poverty forever” or “if you don’t buy this then you will never make money online” etc.

There is no need to try to force your readers into buying your product. It is always good to let them know the importance of your product and what they will gain if they buy, it is also okay to let them know what they will lose if they don’t buy your product  – but it is very dangerous cursing them or telling them they are foolish because they are not buying from you, so there is no point in forcing them to buy.

2. Don’t Sell Crap

Ever think about this? A marketer went to create an ebook in 2 hours and he went out claiming his ebook is the best while trying to sell it at $77? This is not going to work out and it will only backfire.

It is very important not to try to sell just any product but to make sure you are selling your best. If you put in your best into products, your efforts will surely be rewarded because your customers will end up happy and there will also be a viral marketing effect, which means more sales for you.

You don’t need to sell for the sake of selling because people aren’t picking money as stones – they are working hard for their money and they must be rewarded for this, so you must make sure you give them the best you can.

3. Don’t Have Poor Customer Support

Another unethical marketing practice many people engage in is not having customer support. People are paying for your service and they will definitely need your help, why not make this help available to them?

It is very important to make sure you have a good customer support that will always attend to customers not only fast but in a polite manner. Don’t try to put people off by not having any customer support or by having a rude customer support because this will only make things worse.

Another great advantage of having a good customer support is that it will help you gain more customers. There are many people who will not buy your products if you are not having a good customer support, so it is very important to have one.

4. Never Under Deliver

Another thing you should try to avoid is under delivering. It is very important to surprise your customers by giving them more than you promised them than not simply giving them what you promised them.

Many marketers will tell their customers they will give them a lot of things so that they could make a lot of sales – the customer will get there only to be disappointed because the marketer could not meet up with his promises. It is very important not to under deliver because this will leave your customers in a dejected and disappointed state and will also cause more trouble for you.

The best thing to do is over deliver i.e. give more than you promised.

5. Don’t Give Customers Something Different

Another thing many marketers do is that they give customers something different than what they said they would be giving the. You wouldn’t love to be given an apple when you requested an orange.

It is very important to make sure you give your customers exactly what you said you will be giving them. Don’t try to impress them by giving them something else, they know why they are paying for your product and it is exactly what you told them that you will be giving them that you should give them.

Trying to market your product the wrong way is not good for your business on the long-term and the end result is that it might backfire. Follow the above tips to take your business to the next level.

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